Key 9 Pedal Review: Electric Piano Machine

Electro-Harmonix Key 9 is a guitar pedal that simulates a piano machine. It is a very smart and useful guitar pedal. This article is Key 9 Pedal Review.

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Key 9 Main Feature

The main objective of the Key 9, Electro-Harmonix, is to transforms your guitar in an entirely new instrument.

Using the Key 9, you can change the tone of your guitar to sound like a keyboard.

This will give you an entirely new level of sound possibilities that can be explored by guitar players. The ability to change the way the guitar sounds is refreshing and at the same time surprising.

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 Characteristics of the Key 9 Pedal

First of all, the Key 9 has a number of preset features that can be used to simulate common keyboard instruments.

The standard presets give you 9 sound, that have been carefully researched by the pedal creators.

Some of these presets can be used to emulate some classic keyboard sounds. For example, you can simulate the following keyboards:

  • Rhodes keyboard
  • Wurlitzer
  • Organ
  • Standard Piano
  • And much more.

Changing Sound Parameters

The Key 8 gives you the ability not only to change the basic sound, but you can also tweak specific parameters of each keyboard configuration.

These parameters can adjust fundamental parameters for each sound. Therefore, they define the final sound of the instrument.

The types of parameter adjustment are extremely easy and intuitive.

For example, one possible change is the addition of tremolo.

Other possible parameters are the inclusion of phaser and chorus, two very important effects use by guitars and keyboards.

Quality of the Key 9 Synthesizer

blankThe Key 9 operates as a synthesizer. The quality of this piece of software is very good.

For example, it provides great tracking of notes and chords. This way, you don’t have much lagging and annoying problems in the sound transformation.

Using With Other Pedals

The Key 9 can be used along or in combination with other guitar pedals. In this case, it provides big expressive possibility for musicians.

In particular, this pedal can be combined with other of the same company. The B9 and C9 organ machine also provide sound transformations to other instruments.

The organ sound of the B9 or C9 can be added in a rig, which  allows you to play with multiple keyboard instruments from one configuration.

Preset descriptions

Here are descriptions of each of the main presets available for this pedal:

  • DYNAMO – An evocation of the ‘Dyno My’ modified Fender Rhodes electric pianos of the 1970s and 1980s. Ctrl 1 adds bass to the lower strings of your guitar. Ctrl 2 adjusts the ‘tine’ or high-end overtones.
  • WURLI – The classic sound of the Wurlitzer electric piano. Ctrl 1 adjusts tremolo depth. Ctrl 2 sets tremolo speed.
  • SUITCASE – This preset pays tribute to the sound of a Fender Rhodes electric piano routed through a phase shifter. Ctrl 1 adds a bass octave and adjusts the “tine” or high-end overtones. Ctrl 2 sets the phase shifter speed.
  • MALLETS – Here we have the sound of a wood marimba. Ctrl 1 adjusts chorus depth. Ctrl 2 sets chorus speed.
  • EIGHTY EIGHT – This preset emulates a Fender Rhodes 88 electric piano with built-in tremolo. Ctrl 1 adjusts tremolo depth. Ctrl 2 sets tremolo speed.
  • TRI-GLORIOUS – The sound of a Dytronics/Dyno My CS-5 Tri Stereo Chorus. Ctrl 1 adjusts chorus depth. Ctrl 2 sets chorus speed.
  • VIBES – The sound of a metal vibraphone with motorized tremolo. Ctrl 1 adjusts the high pitch attack. Ctrl 2 sets tremolo speed.
  • ORGAN – This preset offers a highly touch-responsive percussive organ. Ctrl 1 adjusts the high frequencies (treble). Ctrl 2 sets the rotating speaker speed.
  • STEEL DRUMS – This preset conveys the metallic sound of a steel drum. Ctrl 1 adjusts chorus depth. Ctrl 2 sets chorus speed.

Video Demonstration

Here is a video that demonstrates the versatility of this guitar pedal: