Essential Guitar Pedals You Need to Have

If you want to become a good guitar player, it is important to have some basic equipment. One of the most basic equipment for guitar players is a set of pedals that can be used to produce common sounds. In this article you’ll learn about the essential guitar pedals that every guitar player needs to have.

Here is a quick list of essencial types of pedals that you should consider to have in your collection.

Chorus Pedals

The chorus sound is one of the most useful in a pedal set.

Basicly, a chorus pedal simulates a chorus of guitars, that is, it multiplies the sound making it appear as a set of instruments.

Here are some of the best chorus pedals in the market:


Reverb Pedals

Another category of pedals that you will find frequently in several recordings is the reverb.

The reverb effect simulates the propagation of sound in a large room. This pedal provides a sensation of being a large auditory with lots of reverb.

Using reverb pedals you may turn your sound into something bigger, with much more presence. 

Here are some of the best reverb pedals:


Distortion Pedals

The distortion pedal is a staple of rock and heavy metal. The goal of a distortion pedal is, as the name says, to distort the signal, so notes appear to sound like a strongly distorted wave. 

The first distortion equipment was based on valved amps, which would be driven to higher volume. This change distorted the sound of the amp.

Nowadays, we use pedals to directly control the amount of distortion, without having to rely on a specific amp configuration.

Loop Pedals

See the Lil Vox.

Boss Looper pedal.