Martin Standard Series Acoustic D-45: Hand Made Guitar

Martin Acoustic D-45

Learn more about the Martin Standard Series Acoustic D-45. Martin is one of the most traditional makers of acoustic guitars. The company is in fact one of the great innovators that created the acoustic guitar style, as it is known in north America.

Continuing with this tradition, Martin has crated the Standard Series Acoustic.

A great guitar that displays the best of acoustic instruments, with precision tuning, the best building materials, and excellent craftsmanship.

The standard series acoustic will give you the best you can get from brand guitars. You’ll probably get something similar to what you can get from some of the best luthiers, but still for a reasonable price for a high end acoustic, hand made guitar.

Acoustic D-45 Features

The features of the D-45 guitar.

Back: Rosewood

Top: Spruce

Neck: Ebony

Color: natural color.

Model: D-45

Dimensions: 47 x 20 x 9 inches

Construction: Hand made guitar.

History of Martin Guitars

The Martin Guitar company is a pioneer of the American style acoustic guitar. Founded in 1833, the Martin Company innovated in the creation of steel string guitars. Many of the characteristics now considered standard in the steel string (folk) guitar were introduced by Martin.

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Martin Standard Series

The Martin Standard Series has two big differentials:

  • Playability: Martin guitars are excellent in terms of easy of play. They have always strived to create guitars that can be easily handled and played. The Standard series continues with this tradition, it is an excellent instrument for both experienced players as well as beginners.
  • Tradition: the standard series is a continuation of the long tradition of guitar making by the Martin company. You’ll be able to get the best of this tradition of guitar making with the D-45.

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Learn More About Guitars

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