8 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 200

In this article you’ll find a complete list of the 8 best acoustic guitars under 200.

These are, despite the inexpensive price, very good instruments that are built with good woods and that can be used by beginners or even professionals.

1. Yamaha FD01S

The first entry in our list is a Yamaha acoustic guitar. This is a very good instrument that is produced by the Japanese company. You will find a solid top guitar, that has excellent sound quality.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of Rosewood. The solid top is made of spruce. According to the builder:

With a solid spruce top, this is a quality instrument that a first time player can grow with and enjoy for many years to come.


2. Fender Dreadnought

The second guitar in our list is a Fender Squier. Fender has a tradition of creating great guitars, even if they’re in the low price spectrum.

This guitar has a maple fingerboard, mahogany neck, and linden wood top.

This is an excellent instrument for beginners who need a quality product for a cheap price.

3. Fender FA-115

This is another fender instrument that makes the list of best acoustic guitars under 200. This is also a great option, with several features that make it a complete acoustic guitar.

The body of this guitar is in mahogany, and the top is made of spruce. Walnut is the material of the fingerboard, as well as the bridge.


4. Donner Acoustic Guitar DAD-812

The next entry in our list is a Donner, a great beginners guitar that has all the elements you need to learn and expand you guitar skills.

This is a solid top spruce guitar, which gives an excellent sound characteristics. The back and side are made of mahogany.

The head is made of walnut. The neck is designed for comfort and easy playing. The whole guitar makes it easy to learn and play, even for inexperienced players.

5. Donner Acoustic Cutaway

Another acoustic guitar from Donner: this one is a cutaway model.

The cutaway guitar is distinguished by the additional space that allows one to access the higher frets. This cutaway model is preferred by some players who enjoy easy access to higher notes.

This Donner model has a top made of spruce. The back uses mahogany, as well as the neck. The fretboard is made of purple hart wood. As indicated by the company:

Rich Warm Clear Sound: Spruce top mahogany body brings you richer and brighter sound, balanced tone and full rich intermediate frequency, and prolongs resonance


6. Yamaha C40II Classical

The next model is a classical acoustic. Yamaha also has a great number of classical guitars, many of them done with high quality materials.

As it is well known, the classical models are defined by the use of nylon strings, which have a more mellow and full sound. The body is made in an 8 shape, which gives the full, round resonance typical of classical guitars.

7. Cordoba Classical on best acoustic guitars under 200

The next model is a Cordoba guitar. Cordoba is a well respected maker of acoustic guitars. This classical guitar has the body made of mahogany, and a neck made of nato wood. The fretboard is done in rosewood.

8. Ibanez Classical

Finally, we showcase an Ibanez classical acoustic. This is a great model for students and even professionals.

The solid top of this guitar is made of spruce. The back is made of agathis.  The neck is made in nato wood, and the fretboard is in purple heart wood.