Guitar Humidifiers: Hot Buying Secrets

Musicians use guitar humidifiers to prevent acoustic guitars from cracking due to dryness. They are useful if you live in locations with low humidity, or if you need to travel frequently.

In this article, I make a comparative review of guitar humidifiers available on the market.

The Need for Humidifiers

Dry weather and dry environments can cause irreparable damage to acoustic guitars. The contact with dry weather can end up, for the guitar, in the form of visible cracks in the wood.

One way to supply additional humidity to your guitar is through a device known as a guitar humidifier.

Designers created these devices to slowly release humidity inside the guitar through the sound-hole.

Sound-hole humidifiers all utilize some type of water reservoir with an absorbent medium. These absorbents can be made of common material such as:

  • a sponge,
  • water absorbent floral foam or
  • absorbent polymer.

D’Addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System

This is the first two-way humidity control product that maintains a constant 45%-50% relative humidity level. It works within your instruments case.

It protects your instrument against several issues, such as

  • warping,
  • cracks
  • other damages caused by lack of humidification.

Using this product, you don’t need more manual adjustments based on seasonal changes. It is also effective of different geographic locations, temperatures, or other factors.

It works well on different situations, unlike refillable humidifiers.

It also eliminates completely your guesswork and anxiety. No more need of maintaining your instrument’s proper humidity level.

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Vertigo Single Humidifier

blankNo more lids or sponges. Easy, fast & efficient humidification!

This company has taken everything people hate about humidifiers and made them disappear.

Infuriating issues like:

  • caps,
  • lids,
  • sponges and
  • syringes.

Nothing of this is needed to use this product.

Think about the absurdity of hiding your guitar in a case, stopping you play. This is not necessary anymore.

And what about the insane re-purchasing of beads, sponges and crystals? Also eliminated with this product.

This product takes just seconds to remove, so you don’t need to worry about when to remove the humidifier.

Made to last. Enormous Capacity. Leak Free.

Vertigo guitar humidifiers hold 90ml, double of any other brand. Also, no distilled water is required for its operation.

No more lids to lose or liquids to leak, or sponges to fill.

This product is made of high-tech polymer core, and an expandable monofilament as the outer shell.

Other features:

  • Leak Free.
  • Lasts longer.
  • 90ml capacity.

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Oasis Humidifier: Physical Installation

blankThe Oasis Humidifier is a product that has helped many guitar players with maintaining proper humidity.

It is easy to use, and it doesn’t cost much.

blankIn their models, the medium used by the humidifier is surrounded by some type of cover which holds the water absorbent medium in place. The cover also restricts the flow of water evaporation from the medium.

To get the humidity inside your guitar, they slip between your guitar strings and are held in place there. Depending upon the brand of humidifier you purchase, it may or may not touch the wood inside your guitar.

  • Dampit has designed a humidifier that lies inside your guitar, while
  • The product is completely suspended from the strings in the Oasis models. 

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Water Refill

blankWater holding capacity and the restrictiveness of the outer cover are the greatest factors in determining how often you will need to refill the device.

Needless to say, you can’t stick a quarter container of water inside your guitar. Despite this, there are several humidifiers that will hold an ounce (30 ccís) or more such as Oasis or Planet Waves.

Remember that, if your guitar needs several cc’s per day of water vapor, you will need to refill a humidifier that holds only 5-10 cc’s every few days. This is the standard mode of operation.

Water Vapor

blankPlanet Waves and Dampit utilize holes in the outside membrane to release water vapor. Oasis uses a fabric which allows the water vapor, but not the water, to pass through the material to keep your guitar humidified.

One downside of evaporation holes is the risk of water leakage. Very careful handling can minimize, but not eliminate this risk. Oasis is a water-tight, sealed unit which eliminates the risk of water leakage.

Refilling the Guitar Humidifier

The right moment to refill your guitar humidifier is one of the great mysteries… But the Oasis company solved this problem with their product. 

Since Oasis is a flexible sealed container, it shrinks as the water inside of it evaporates through the fabric.

When Oasis begins to look like a prune, you need to refill it…


blankAll of the sound-hole humidifiers work. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

As with any new product or service you purchase, please read the directions carefully before use.