PRS SE Custom 24 Guitar Review

The PRS SE Custom 24 is a popular electric guitar model offered by PRS Guitars under their SE (Student Edition) line. PRS SE guitars are manufactured in PRS’s South Korean factory, offering high-quality instruments at a more affordable price point compared to their American-made counterparts.

The SE Custom 24 [buy here] is known for its versatile sound, quality craftsmanship, and eye-catching aesthetics. Here are some key features and characteristics of the PRS SE Custom 24:

Body and Shape

The SE Custom 24 [buy here] features a double-cutaway body shape that is reminiscent of PRS’s classic designs. The body is often made from mahogany or a combination of mahogany and maple top, offering a balanced tonal character with good sustain.

Top Wood Options

The top wood is frequently made from maple, which can come in various finishes and quilted, flamed, or plain patterns. The top wood adds aesthetic appeal and can also influence the guitar’s tonal qualities.

Guitar Neck

The PRS SE Custom 24 [buy here] typically features a maple neck with a set-neck joint for added sustain and stability. The choice of neck wood, construction, and fingerboard material plays a significant role in shaping the overall feel, playability, and tone of the guitar. Here’s more information about the neck and fingerboard characteristics of the PRS SE Custom 24:

The neck of the SE Custom 24 is commonly made from maple. Maple necks are known for their bright and articulate tone, providing clarity and good note definition. They are also relatively stable and resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, which contributes to the guitar’s overall tuning stability.

 The exact neck profile can vary depending on the specific model year or version of the SE Custom 24. PRS often offers a comfortable and playable neck profile that appeals to a wide range of players. The neck may have a modern or slightly rounded shape, allowing for smooth movement along the fretboard.

The fingerboard of the SE Custom 24 is typically made from rosewood. Rosewood is a common choice for fingerboards due to its smooth texture and warm tone. It contributes to a rich and well-rounded sound, with slightly enhanced bass response and smooth highs.

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The fingerboard radius refers to the curvature of the fingerboard surface. The SE Custom 24 may feature a 10″ radius, which provides a balance between comfortable chording and easy bending of individual strings.

 The SE Custom 24 usually features 24 frets, allowing for extended range and access to higher notes. The fingerboard is often adorned with PRS’s iconic bird inlays, which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The guitar typically has a 25″ scale length. This scale length contributes to a balanced tension across the strings, and it’s a hallmark of PRS guitars. The nut width is typically around 1.6875″ (about 42.86mm), providing a comfortable spacing between the strings.

The combination of a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and set-neck construction contributes to the SE Custom 24’s overall tonal characteristics. The bright and focused tones of maple combine with the warm qualities of rosewood, resulting in a versatile and balanced sound suitable for a wide range of musical genres.


blankThe PRS SE Custom 24 [buy here] typically comes equipped with PRS-designed pickups that are specifically voiced for this model. These pickups aim to provide a versatile range of tones suitable for various musical styles. Here is some general information about the characteristics and tonal qualities you might expect from PRS SE Custom 24 pickups:

  1. PRS SE Custom 24 pickups are designed to offer a versatile tonal palette that can cover a wide range of musical genres. This versatility makes the guitar suitable for playing rock, blues, pop, jazz, and more.
  2. The pickups aim to provide a balanced tonal response, with a mix of warm and clear frequencies. This balance ensures that each string and note remains distinct and well-defined.
  3. PRS pickups often emphasize clarity and note separation, allowing players to hear individual notes within chords and complex voicings. This can be particularly useful for intricate playing styles and genres where articulation is important.
  4. The pickups may offer enhanced articulation, allowing for precise control over dynamics and attack. This can contribute to expressive playing and responsiveness to your playing style. PRS pickups often have a wide dynamic range, meaning they respond well to changes in playing intensity. This dynamic responsiveness can help you achieve a variety of tones by adjusting your picking technique.

Tonal Balance: PRS pickups typically offer a balanced tonal spectrum with a mix of lows, mids, and highs. This balance allows the guitar to sit well in a mix and provides ample tonal options when using different amp settings.

Coil Splitting or Tapping (Optional): Some versions of the PRS SE Custom 24 may include coil-splitting or coil-tapping options, which allow you to split the humbucking pickup into a single-coil mode. This adds further tonal versatility, enabling you to achieve brighter and more traditional single-coil tones.

Guitar Controls

blankThe control layout typically includes a volume and tone knob, as well as a 3-way pickup selector switch, allowing you to switch between different pickup configurations and achieve a wide variety of tones. The PRS SE Custom 24 typically features a straightforward control layout that allows you to adjust the guitar’s volume, tone, and pickup selection. Here’s a breakdown of the controls you can expect to find on a standard PRS SE Custom 24:

  1. Volume Knob: The volume knob controls the overall output level of the guitar. Turning it clockwise increases the volume, while turning it counterclockwise decreases the volume.
  2. Tone Knob: The tone knob adjusts the overall tonal character of the guitar. Turning it clockwise increases the brightness or treble frequencies, while turning it counterclockwise reduces the treble and can result in a warmer tone.
  3. 3-Way Pickup Selector Switch: The 3-way pickup selector switch allows you to choose between different pickup configurations. The switch has three positions:
    • Position 1 (Bridge Pickup): Selects only the bridge pickup, which is often used for a brighter and more cutting tone, suitable for lead playing and defined rhythm work.
    • Position 2 (Both Pickups): Engages both the bridge and neck pickups simultaneously, providing a balanced and versatile sound that’s great for a wide range of playing styles.
    • Position 3 (Neck Pickup): Selects only the neck pickup, which generally produces a warmer and mellower tone, ideal for rhythm playing, solos, and clean passages.

Other Features

  1. Bridge and Hardware: The SE Custom 24 often features a PRS-designed tremolo bridge system that provides stability and smooth whammy bar action. The hardware is generally of good quality and contributes to the guitar’s overall performance.
  2. Aesthetics: The PRS SE Custom 24 is known for its striking aesthetics, including the use of eye-catching finishes, unique wood grains, and PRS’s iconic bird inlays on the fingerboard.
  3. Versatility: The SE Custom 24 is valued for its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of musical styles, from rock and blues to metal and fusion.