Jackson JS Series King V guitar

The Jackson JS Series King V guitar is a part of Jackson’s lineup of electric guitars, designed to cater to players who enjoy metal, hard rock, and other heavy genres.

The King V model is known for its iconic and aggressive “V” shape design, which makes a bold visual statement on stage. Here are some key features and details about the Jackson JS Series King V guitar:

Body and Construction

The body and construction of the Jackson JS Series King V guitar are essential aspects that contribute to its overall tone, playability, and aesthetic appeal. Here’s a more detailed look at the body design and construction features:

The King V guitar features a bold and distinct V-shaped body design. This design is characterized by its sharp angles and asymmetrical lines, creating a visually striking and aggressive appearance.

The V shape is typically associated with heavy metal and hard rock genres, as it exudes an edgy and powerful aesthetic that complements the music’s intensity.

The choice of tonewood for the body plays a crucial role in shaping the guitar’s tonal characteristics.

Common tonewoods used in the construction of the Jackson JS Series King V include poplar and basswood. These tonewoods are often favored for their balanced tonal properties, providing a combination of warmth, sustain, and resonance.

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Weight and Comfort

The use of tonewoods like poplar or basswood helps keep the guitar’s weight relatively manageable, which is important for extended playing sessions and live performances.

Despite its angular and aggressive appearance, the ergonomic design of the V shape can be comfortable to play when standing or sitting.

While the King V’s body design is characterized by sharp angles, many models feature contoured edges and beveled surfaces for enhanced player comfort.

These contours help the guitar sit against the player’s body more naturally and reduce any potential discomfort during extended playing sessions.

Accessibility and Balance

The extended upper horn of the King V design allows for easy access to the higher frets, making it suitable for lead guitarists who venture into the upper register of the fretboard.

The balance between the upper and lower horns contributes to the guitar’s stability and playability, whether you’re standing up or seated.

The King V guitar often comes in a variety of finish options, ranging from solid colors like black, white, and red, to more unique and eye-catching finishes.

The choice of finish can further enhance the guitar’s visual appeal and match the player’s personal style.

Neck and Fingerboard

The neck and fingerboard of the Jackson JS Series King V guitar play a crucial role in its playability, comfort, and overall tone. Here’s a deeper look at these important features:

The neck of the King V guitar is usually a bolt-on design, which means that the neck is attached to the body using screws or bolts. This design allows for easier maintenance and potential neck replacement if needed.

The neck is typically made from maple, a hardwood known for its stability and bright tonal characteristics. Maple necks are often favored for their fast playing feel and durability.

The neck of the King V is often designed with a slim and fast profile. This design facilitates quick and comfortable movement across the fretboard, making it well-suited for fast and intricate playing styles.

Fingerboard and Scale Length

The scale length of the King V guitar is typically chosen to balance playability with tone. A longer scale length can contribute to a brighter tone and increased string tension, which can be beneficial for heavy playing and drop-tuning.

The fingerboard of the King V is commonly made from rosewood or maple. The choice of fingerboard wood can influence the guitar’s tone and feel.

Rosewood fingerboards are known for their warmth and smoothness, while maple fingerboards tend to have a brighter and snappier tone.

The King V guitar often features jumbo frets. Jumbo frets are larger than traditional frets and make it easier to perform string bends and execute techniques like tapping.

Inlays on the fingerboard serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Common inlay designs for the King V include dot inlays or shark fin inlays, which provide visual markers to assist with fret navigation.

Access to Higher Frets

The King V’s asymmetrical V shape, along with its extended upper horn, provides easy access to the higher frets. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for lead guitarists who frequently play solos in the upper register.

Some King V models may feature binding along the edges of the fingerboard, adding a touch of elegance and protection to the fret ends.

The fingerboard may also be finished with a clear gloss or satin finish, depending on the model, which enhances its appearance and protects the wood.

The neck and fingerboard are critical components that directly influence how comfortable and enjoyable the guitar is to play. The Jackson JS Series King V’s design aims to provide a smooth and fast playing experience, making it well-suited for players who prefer aggressive playing styles and need easy access to higher frets.


High-output humbucking pickups are a standard feature on the King V, providing the powerful and aggressive tones required for heavy music styles.

These pickups are designed to deliver thick and saturated distortion, making them well-suited for palm-muted riffing, solos, and lead playing.

The pickup configuration may vary depending on the specific model, with some versions featuring multiple humbuckers or a combination of humbuckers and single-coil pickups.

Bridge and Hardware

The King V guitar usually comes equipped with a fixed bridge or a Floyd Rose-style tremolo system, depending on the model.

The bridge and tuners are designed to ensure tuning stability, even during aggressive whammy bar use or bending techniques.

The hardware is often finished in chrome or black, complementing the guitar’s overall aesthetic.


The Jackson JS Series King V guitar is known for its bold and aggressive appearance, making it a favorite among players who want to stand out on stage.

The guitar may be available in a variety of finishes, ranging from classic solid colors to more eye-catching and unique options.

Overall, the Jackson JS Series King V guitar is a versatile instrument designed for players who seek a combination of striking visual design and powerful, high-gain tones. It’s commonly used in metal, hard rock, and related genres, and it offers a comfortable playing experience for those who enjoy fast and aggressive playing styles.