Godin A6 Ultra : Guitar Review

The Godin A6 Ultra is a unique and versatile electric-acoustic guitar manufactured by Godin Guitars, a Canadian guitar company known for producing high-quality instruments with innovative designs.

The A6 Ultra is often categorized as a hybrid guitar, as it combines elements of both electric and acoustic guitars, making it suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

In this article, we’ll learn a few key features of the Godin A6 Ultra.

Hybrid Design

The Godin A6 Ultra features a chambered body design, which gives it a thinner and lighter body than a traditional acoustic guitar. This design allows for enhanced acoustic resonance and a unique tonal character.

The hybrid design of the Godin A6 Ultra is one of its most distinctive features, setting it apart from traditional acoustic and electric guitars. This design combines elements of both acoustic and electric guitars, resulting in a versatile instrument with a unique tonal palette. Here are some more details about the hybrid design of the A6 Ultra:

The A6 Ultra features a chambered body design, which means that the body of the guitar has hollowed-out sections or chambers. This design reduces the overall weight of the guitar and allows for greater resonance and acoustic properties compared to solid-body electric guitars. The chambered body contributes to the guitar’s acoustic-like qualities and provides a warm and resonant tone.

The top of the A6 Ultra is made from solid cedar. Cedar is a common tonewood used in acoustic guitar construction due to its warm and balanced tonal characteristics. The solid top contributes to the guitar’s acoustic sound, as it vibrates and resonates to produce rich harmonics and sustain.

The A6 Ultra’s bridge is designed in a way that optimizes acoustic resonance. It incorporates an acoustic-style saddle, which helps transfer the vibrations from the strings to the body of the guitar, contributing to its natural acoustic tone.

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Dual Source Electronics

One of the standout features of the A6 Ultra is its dual-source electronics system. It is equipped with both acoustic and electric pickups, allowing players to blend the acoustic and electric sounds together or use them separately. This versatile setup makes the guitar suitable for various playing environments, from intimate acoustic settings to amplified stages.

Dual Source Electronics, as featured in the Godin A6 Ultra and other similar hybrid instruments, refers to a system that combines two different types of pickups or transducers to capture and amplify the sound of the guitar. This setup allows the player to blend and mix the signals from these pickups to achieve a wide range of tonal possibilities. In the context of the A6 Ultra, the dual source electronics system includes both acoustic and electric pickups, enhancing the guitar’s versatility and adaptability for different playing styles and environments.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the Dual Source Electronics in the Godin A6 Ultra:

  1. Acoustic Pickup (Undersaddle Piezo): The acoustic pickup is typically an undersaddle piezo transducer. Piezo pickups detect the vibrations of the guitar strings through the saddle, which is placed under the bridge. When the strings vibrate, they create pressure changes that the piezo pickup senses and converts into an electrical signal. Piezo pickups are commonly used in acoustic guitars to capture the natural acoustic sound of the instrument.
  2. Electric Pickup (Humbucker): The electric pickup in the A6 Ultra is a humbucker pickup. Humbuckers are a type of magnetic pickup that use two coils to reduce unwanted electrical interference (hum) and produce a clear, noise-free signal. Humbuckers are commonly found in electric guitars and are known for their bright and articulate sound.
  3. Blend and Control: The A6 Ultra is equipped with controls that allow the player to adjust the balance between the acoustic and electric pickups. This blending control lets you choose how much of each pickup’s signal is sent to the amplifier or sound system. This control can range from fully acoustic to fully electric, with various combinations in between. Additionally, the guitar usually features separate volume and tone controls for each pickup, giving you further tonal shaping options.
  4. Output Options: The A6 Ultra often includes separate outputs for the acoustic and electric pickups. This means you can route the signals from each pickup to different amplifiers, channels, or sound systems. This feature is especially useful for live performances, as you can tailor your sound for different parts of a song or different aspects of your playing.
  5. Versatility: The Dual Source Electronics system offers an impressive level of versatility. You can achieve warm acoustic tones, bright electric sounds, or blend them to create unique textures that suit your playing style and musical genre. This versatility makes the A6 Ultra an excellent choice for musicians who need a single guitar that can cover a broad range of sonic possibilities.

In summary, Dual Source Electronics in the Godin A6 Ultra provide a powerful and flexible toolset for musicians to blend acoustic and electric tones seamlessly. This feature enables guitarists to explore a wide spectrum of sounds and adapt their playing to various musical contexts

Acoustic Sound

blankThe A6 Ultra’s acoustic tones are rich and warm, thanks to its chambered body design and solid cedar top. This makes it well-suited for fingerpicking, strumming, and various acoustic playing styles.

The acoustic sound of the Godin A6 Ultra is one of its standout features, thanks to its hybrid design and the quality of its construction. Here’s a closer look at the acoustic sound characteristics of this guitar:

The A6 Ultra’s chambered body design plays a significant role in shaping its acoustic sound. The chambered body allows the guitar to resonate more like a traditional acoustic instrument, despite its thinner and lighter profile. This resonance contributes to a warm and full acoustic tone that’s often associated with larger acoustic guitars.

The top of the A6 Ultra is made from solid cedar, a tonewood known for its rich and balanced tonal properties. Cedar is favored for its responsiveness and ability to produce warm tones with strong midrange frequencies. The solid cedar top adds depth and character to the guitar’s acoustic sound, contributing to its overall tonal richness.

Acoustic Bridge and Saddle

The design of the bridge and saddle in the A6 Ultra is optimized for acoustic resonance. The saddle transfers the vibrations from the strings to the chambered body, allowing the guitar to produce a natural acoustic sound. This design ensures that the acoustic properties of the guitar are maintained and enhanced.

 The undersaddle piezo pickup captures the vibrations of the strings, translating them into an electrical signal. This pickup is commonly used in acoustic guitars to replicate their natural sound when amplified. In the A6 Ultra, the piezo pickup adds authenticity to the acoustic sound when it’s blended with the electric pickup or used on its own.

The ability to blend the acoustic and electric pickups allows players to fine-tune the acoustic sound to their liking. You can adjust the balance between the two pickups to achieve different tonal variations. This blending capability is especially useful for live performances or recording sessions, where you can dial in the perfect mix to suit the musical context.

Fingerpicking and Strumming

blankThe A6 Ultra’s acoustic sound is well-suited for fingerpicking and strumming. Its warm tones and resonance make it suitable for a variety of playing styles, from delicate fingerstyle arrangements to more energetic strumming patterns.

Thanks to the combination of the chambered body design, solid cedar top, and acoustic pickup, the A6 Ultra offers a good dynamic range. It responds well to changes in playing intensity, allowing you to achieve both soft, intimate passages and powerful, expressive moments.

The electric side of the A6 Ultra is driven by a humbucker pickup placed near the bridge. This pickup provides a bright and articulate electric sound that can be further shaped using tone and volume controls.

Other Features

  1. Playability: The guitar features a comfortable and smooth mahogany neck with a 16″ fingerboard radius, making it easy to play both chords and lead lines.
  2. Build Quality: Godin Guitars are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, and the A6 Ultra is no exception. The guitar is well-built using quality materials, resulting in a reliable instrument that can withstand the demands of live performances and studio recording.
  3. Variants: Over the years, Godin has introduced various versions and finishes of the A6 Ultra, including different wood choices for the body and fingerboard, as well as various color options.
  4. Versatility: The A6 Ultra’s ability to seamlessly switch between acoustic and electric sounds makes it a favorite among musicians who need a single guitar to cover a wide range of genres, from folk and blues to rock and jazz.

In summary, the Godin A6 Ultra is a hybrid electric-acoustic guitar designed for musicians who value versatility and the ability to switch between different tonal palettes.