Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar Review

The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is an electric guitar model produced by Schecter Guitar Research, a well-known manufacturer of electric guitars and basses.

The Hellraiser C-1 is part of Schecter’s Hellraiser series, which is characterized by its modern design, high-quality components, and versatile sound suitable for a wide range of genres including metal, rock, and more.

Here are some key features and characteristics of the Schecter Hellraiser C-1.


The body of the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is typically made from mahogany, which is a popular choice for electric guitars due to its tonal characteristics. Mahogany is known for its warm and rich sound with good sustain. It emphasizes midrange frequencies, which can result in a full-bodied tone that works well for a variety of musical genres, especially those that require a darker and more substantial sound.

Additionally, the Hellraiser C-1 often features a quilted maple top. The quilted maple is a type of figured wood that has a visually stunning, three-dimensional appearance with intricate patterns. The combination of the mahogany body and quilted maple top creates a contrast between the warm, darker tones of mahogany and the brighter, more visually appealing qualities of quilted maple.


The neck of the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is typically made from mahogany as well, which contributes to the overall tonal consistency and resonance of the instrument. Mahogany necks are known for their stability and durability, making them suitable for players who engage in energetic playing styles.

The neck design of the Hellraiser C-1 is often a set-neck construction. This means that the neck is glued into the body rather than bolted on. Set-neck constructions are known for enhancing sustain and resonance by creating a more seamless connection between the neck and body, resulting in improved transfer of vibrations.

The fingerboard of the Hellraiser C-1 is typically made from ebony, a dense and smooth wood known for its durability and distinct tonal properties. Ebony fingerboards provide a bright attack and a smooth playing surface, which can contribute to the overall playability of the guitar.

In terms of profile, the neck of the Hellraiser C-1 is often designed for comfortable and fast playing, with a shape that provides easy access to the higher frets, allowing for techniques like shredding and soloing.

Both the body and neck materials and designs are carefully chosen to provide a balance between aesthetics, playability, and tonal characteristics, making the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 a versatile instrument suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Keep in mind that specific features and materials can vary between different iterations and years of the Hellraiser C-1 model.

The Hellraiser C-1 typically features a mahogany body, which provides a warm and resonant tone with good sustain. The neck is also usually made of mahogany, contributing to a balanced tone and substantial feel. The neck is often set into the body for enhanced sustain and access to higher frets.

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blankThe Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is known for its distinctive pickup configuration, often featuring high-output active pickups from EMG. Active pickups are known for their increased output level, clarity, and ability to handle high-gain and heavy distortion without sacrificing tonal definition. Here are the typical EMG pickups you might find in the Schecter Hellraiser C-1:

Bridge Pickup: EMG 81

The EMG 81 is one of the most popular and widely used active pickups in the world of heavy music. It’s a high-output humbucker pickup known for its aggressive and tight sound. Here are some key characteristics of the EMG 81:

  • High Output: The EMG 81 has a very high output, which results in strong and powerful tones with excellent sustain.
  • Articulation: It’s known for its ability to articulate individual notes even in dense and distorted settings, making it great for fast riffs and solos.
  • Tight Bass Response: The pickup’s design emphasizes the upper midrange and high frequencies, resulting in a cutting and defined sound that can easily cut through a mix.

Neck Pickup: EMG 89R (Reverse-Coil/Humbucker and Single-Coil)

The EMG 89R is a versatile active pickup that offers both humbucker and single-coil tones in one unit. It’s designed to provide a wide range of tonal options, making it suitable for various playing styles. Here are some key features of the EMG 89R:

  • Coil Splitting: The EMG 89R can be coil split, allowing you to switch between a full humbucker sound and a single-coil sound. This versatility is great for achieving cleaner tones.
  • Alnico Magnets: The pickup uses Alnico magnets, which contribute to a warmer and smoother tone compared to ceramic magnets often found in high-gain pickups.
  • Tonally Flexible: The EMG 89R provides a balance between the warmth of a neck humbucker and the clarity of a single-coil pickup, making it suitable for clean and distorted tones alike.

The combination of the EMG 81 in the bridge and the EMG 89R in the neck position gives the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 a wide range of tonal possibilities. The high output of the EMG 81 is ideal for aggressive and heavy styles, while the EMG 89R’s versatility adds more dynamic options for both clean and distorted playing. The active circuitry of these pickups helps reduce noise and interference, and the increased output allows the guitar to drive amplifiers and effects pedals more effectively, resulting in a powerful and defined sound.

Other Features of the Hellraiser C-1

  • Top: The guitar often features a quilted maple top, which adds a visually striking appearance to the instrument. The combination of a mahogany body and a quilted maple top can result in a mix of warm and bright tonal qualities.
  • Fingerboard: The Hellraiser C-1 usually features an ebony fingerboard, known for its smooth playing surface and bright tonal characteristics. The use of ebony can also contribute to better sustain and durability.
  • Frets: These guitars typically have 24 jumbo frets, which allow for comfortable playing and easier bending of notes, making them suitable for various playing styles, including shredding.
  • Inlays: The Hellraiser C-1 often features unique “Gothic Cross” inlays on the fingerboard, giving the guitar a distinctive aesthetic.
  • Hardware: The hardware on the Hellraiser C-1 typically includes high-quality components such as locking tuners for improved tuning stability, a TonePros bridge for enhanced sustain and intonation, and often a string-through-body design.
  • Finish Options: The Hellraiser C-1 is available in a variety of finishes, with popular choices including Black Cherry, Black, and White.


Overall, the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is designed to offer a modern, high-performance instrument that is particularly well-suited for players who enjoy heavier music styles.

Its combination of quality materials, unique design elements, and high-output pickups make it a favorite among metal and rock guitarists.