BOSS RC-505MKII Loop Station Pedal Review

The BOSS RC-505MKII Loop Station is a versatile and feature-rich looping pedal, suitable for beatboxers, vocalists, multi-instrumentalists, and any musicians looking for a powerful tool for live performances and studio recording.

Here’s a summary of its key features and capabilities.

High-Quality Sound

It boasts class-leading sound quality with 32-bit AD/DA conversion and 32-bit floating-point processing, ensuring excellent audio fidelity.

The BOSS RC-505MKII Loop Station [link] is known for its high-quality sound. It incorporates several features and specifications aimed at delivering excellent audio fidelity and clarity:

The pedal utilizes 32-bit analog-to-digital (AD) and digital-to-analog (DA) conversion processes. This means that the pedal can accurately capture and reproduce audio signals with a high level of precision, resulting in minimal signal degradation during the looping process.

The pedal also employs 32-bit floating-point processing. This processing method allows for precise mathematical calculations, which can help maintain the audio quality even when applying various effects and manipulations to the recorded loops.

The RC-505MKII [link] offers two XLR mic inputs with phantom power and two stereo line input pairs. These dedicated inputs are designed to accommodate both microphones and instruments, ensuring that the audio source is captured with clarity and minimal noise.

The pedal provides Input FX and Track FX sections with a wide selection of effects. These effects can be used creatively to enhance the sound of your loops. The ability to apply effects without compromising the sound quality is crucial, and the RC-505MKII’s sound processing capabilities help maintain audio integrity.

Customizable FX and Track buttons allow you to have precise control over when and how effects are applied, ensuring that you can achieve the desired sound quality for your performances.

Overall, the BOSS RC-505MKII Loop Station is designed to provide class-leading sound quality. Its 32-bit AD/DA conversion, floating-point processing, and comprehensive input and effect options contribute to delivering clean, pristine audio for your looped creations.

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Multiple Tracks

 The pedal supports five simultaneous stereo phrase tracks, each with dedicated controls and independent volume faders.

The BOSS RC-505MKII Loop Station is designed to handle multiple tracks simultaneously, offering a versatile platform for creating complex and layered musical compositions. Here’s how you can use multiple tracks with this pedal:

The RC-505MKII supports up to five simultaneous stereo phrase tracks. Each track functions independently, allowing you to record, play, overdub, and manipulate audio on each track separately. This is particularly useful for creating loops with different instruments or vocal parts.

Each phrase track has dedicated controls, including volume faders, Input FX, Track FX, and customizable FX buttons. These controls enable you to adjust the volume, apply effects, and trigger different actions for each individual track.

To start recording on a specific track, select the desired track and press the record button. You can record your audio input, whether it’s vocals, instruments, or any other sound source, onto the selected track. Each track can have its own unique content.


After recording a phrase on a track, you can overdub additional layers on the same track by pressing the overdub button while the track is playing. This allows you to build up complex musical arrangements by adding new parts or harmonies to your loops.

Once you have recorded content on multiple tracks, you can start and stop each track independently. This gives you full control over when and how each track plays back, allowing for dynamic arrangements and live performances.

The pedal provides options to mute and clear individual tracks, giving you the flexibility to remove specific elements from your composition or make room for new recordings.

The RC-505MKII features a built-in metronome and tap tempo function to help you keep all your tracks in sync. This ensures that your loops maintain proper timing and rhythm, even when working with multiple tracks.

Customizable FX

You can apply custom effects to each track independently using the Input FX and Track FX sections. This allows you to sculpt the sound of each track and add creative touches to your loops.

Loop Station offers a range of customizable effects (FX) that you can apply to your audio loops to enhance your sound and add creative elements to your performances. These customizable effects are a significant part of what makes this pedal versatile and suitable for various musical styles. Here’s an overview of the customizable FX on this pedal:

  1. Input FX Section: The Input FX section provides a variety of effects that you can apply to your incoming audio source before recording it onto a track. These effects can shape the initial sound before it is looped. The RC-505MKII offers 49 different Input FX types, allowing you to experiment with different tonal qualities, modulation, and more.
  2. Track FX Section: The Track FX section is where you can apply effects to individual phrase tracks after recording. Each phrase track has its own dedicated Track FX section, which means you can apply different effects to each track independently. There are 53 different Track FX types available, including a wide range of delays, reverbs, filters, distortions, and more.
  3. Customizable FX Buttons: The pedal features customizable FX buttons for each phrase track. This means you can assign specific FX types to these buttons, allowing you to trigger effects in real-time during your performance. This feature provides on-the-fly control over the sound of your loops, letting you be creative and spontaneous.
  4. FX Banks: The RC-505MKII allows you to store groups of four Input FX and four Track FX in separate banks. This feature is useful for quick recall of your favorite effect settings, making it easier to switch between different sounds and textures during a performance.

FX Automation

Some effects in the Track FX section may offer parameter automation, allowing you to create dynamic and evolving soundscapes by modulating effect parameters in real-time. This feature adds depth and movement to your loops.

The pedal typically provides options for editing effect parameters, such as adjusting delay times, feedback, filter settings, and more. This level of customization enables you to fine-tune the effect to suit your musical style and preferences.

With customizable FX buttons, you can activate or deactivate effects, change effect settings, and create unique sonic textures while performing live. This real-time control adds a dynamic and expressive dimension to your looping.

The pedal allows you to start and stop tracks individually, as well as control the volume of each track using the dedicated volume faders. This gives you precise control over the mix of your loops.

Using multiple tracks with the BOSS RC-505MKII Loop Station opens up a world of creative possibilities. You can create complex arrangements, harmonies, and layered compositions in real-time, making it a powerful tool for solo performers, beatboxers, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalists. Experimentation and practice are key to mastering the art of creating music with multiple tracks on this pedal, as it allows you to build intricate and expressive performances.

Customizable Control

The RC-505MKII offers customizable FX and Track buttons for each phrase track, allowing for personalized control.

It comes with new ultra-durable faders with a longer throw for more precise adjustments.

The pedal includes a Mark Back function that enhances undo/redo flexibility during performances.

It has two XLR mic inputs with phantom power, two stereo line input pairs, and three stereo line output pairs, providing ample connectivity options.

The pedal offers 99 memories, each containing five phrase tracks, custom effects and playback settings, control assignments, and more.

Customizable Workflow

Users can extensively customize their workflow by assigning various parameters to FX and Track buttons, connecting external footswitches or expression pedals, and setting up 16 different targets for hardware control and MIDI operation.

The RC-505MKII provides 49 Input FX and 53 Track FX types, including vocal harmony effects. You can use up to four effects in each section at once and store them in banks for quick recall.

It features expanded connectivity options, including XLR inputs for microphones, line inputs for instruments, an input mixer with mic compressors and EQs, and versatile output options. It can also integrate with computer DAWs via USB.

The pedal offers various creative features, such as overdub modes, speed options, and the ability to change playback speed with or without pitch change. It also allows the assignment of the Auto Rec function to a panel button or footswitch.