Easiest Way to Learn Guitar: 5 tips

Many people want to learn the guitar, but find it to be a daunting task. What they want is to find the easiest way to learn the guitar. In this article, I give 5 tips that will help you to do this.

The main issue is that a lot of beginners want to acquire the necessary skills in a short period of time. In other words, they want to start today, and in the next week being able to play guitar solos like the pros.

This is simply not possible. The guitar is too complex an instrument, especially if you want to play more difficult songs.

But there is something that is achievable, and it is still great: you can play simple songs that are at your level.

Forget about playing heavy metal solos in one week, of classical guitar pieces in 2 days. These things are not doable, and will end up letting you disappointed and enraged. Especially if you’re an adult player who has to spend time in other activities. The fact is that it takes some time to become a good guitar player.

So, here are some steps that will really work and make it easy for you to learn the guitar:

1. Practice the Fundamentals for an Easy Way to Learn Guitar

It is so easy to forget the basics and try to achieve what you still are unable to do. The reality is that playing the guitar is like playing basketball: you need to practice the fundamentals forever.

Every time you practice the fundamentals, you’ll get better. And you’ll have to do this your whole life anyway, so you should better start early.

You should make a point of training the fundamental every single day. Play through some scales, sequences of chords, and practice a few songs. You need to keep the fundamentals, and only then you’ll be ready to more difficult skills.

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2. Find Songs that Match Your Skills for an Easy Way to Learn

Strat GuitarIt is not possible to play complex songs at the beginning, but you still can play easy songs. You should just be careful to play songs that you have skills to play.

At the beginning, this could be just the most simple songs from a guitar method. This is not a problem! It is still important to play simple songs with good technical skills.

In other words, even in this case you can practice and make it perfect. As you progress and become a better guitar player, you will increasingly add new songs to your repertoire.

3. Find a Method that Will Give You Support

Just like in the previous tip, you need the help of material that is at your beginner level. Find guitar methods with good exercises that you can follow (I wrote an article about good guitar methods for beginners here).

There are several exciting ways to learn the guitar, you just need to find one.

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4. Practice Every Day: The easiest way to learn the guitar

It is not enough to always remember that. Especially when you’re starting, it is fundamental to practice your guitar every day. Even if it is just for 15 minutes, you shouldn’t skip a practice time, at least for the first weeks.

Remember that learning anything takes time and patience. The guitar is not different. But if you persist and make it a habit, it becomes much less challenging than you thought.

On the other hand, if you don’t practice the guitar every day (or as frequently as possible), you’re just making it even harder to achieve the independence and mastery you want.

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5. Find Good Online Exercises

With the online sources we have nowadays, it became much easier to learn to play the guitar. We now have full websites, online course, apps, etc.

But even with the so much material, it is some times difficult to find easy guitar lessons for beginners. This happens because a lot of the information available is disorganized or plain wrong.

To help solve this conundrum, I have made a compilation of the best online courses that you can get right now. Checking this takes just a few minutes.

You should be able to quickly get one of these courses and online resources, and expand your musical horizons. This will make you progress very quickly to the level of an advanced guitar player.

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