14 Best Information Products for Guitar Players

The methods for guitar learning have changed with the time. That’s to the internet, it is now much easier to find information that in any other time. However, every few years there are new and improved courses and information products for guitar players, which make it easier to learn the guitar.

This is a list the 14 best information products and courses that are available for guitar beginners and advanced learners. These courses have everything you need to reach your potential as a guitar player. I recommend these fair priced courses if you really want to improve your guitar skills. Many of my students have used these online resources to improve their guitar skills.

1. Blues Guitar Videos

Blues Guitar Videos: This online course is probably the best source to learn blues on the Internet! It is a very nice resource for guitar players who want to learn to play blues chords and solo.

In this online course, you will learn the basics, but also several advanced techniques that you make your guitar solos much better sounding and unique. Moreover, this is a very fair-priced method that will give you a lot of ideas for practice.

2. Guitar Tricks

Guitar tricks is the most popular and efficient method for learning the guitar through the internet. This online course has helped thousands of people to achieve mastery of the guitar.

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Their step-by-step system provides the help you need to improve even the most complicated techniques in the acoustic and electric guitar. I had many students that were very happy with the daily study of lessons provide by Guitar Tricks.

3. Video Surgeon for Guitar

Video Surgeon: This software package is one of the best ways I have found to learn songs by ear! What it does is to give your lots of tools to analyze and listen to specific parts of a song.

For example, if you want to learn a guitar solo, you can use this software to loop, slow down, repeat, and make it easier to learn a particular guitar solo or chord. It is a fantastic software that will simplify a lot your task of listening and playing a particular song by ear.

4. Rock Guitar Mastery

Rock Guitar Mastery: A large part of the popular guitar repertoire is made of rock songs. That’s why it is so important to practice the language of Rock: learning guitar licks, chord sequences, solos, and techniques.

This is what the rock guitar mastery course provides you, so that you can quickly learn the most important rock guitar techniques. Several exercises will help you to master the rock style, which will be useful if you want to play at home as well as playing in a rock band.

5. Instantly Downloadable Guitar Videos

Instantly Downloadable Guitar Videos: This package is one of the best I have seen in terms of covering different aspects of guitar playing. With these guitar videos you will learn a large number of guitar techniques that the masters use in their recordings or live concerts.

The videos show you step by step how to play some of the most interesting songs and styles. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to follow in a progressive sequence that reinforces what you have previously learned. It is a very recommendable resource for players of all levels.

6. Advancing Guitarist

Advancing Guitarist: This guitar playing resource was designed to help you advance as a guitar player. This is done using a good set of practical exercises distributed in the form of video and tutorials.

You can start as a beginner or a mid-level player, and use these easy and fun exercises to quickly become a master player.

This online resource will provide everything you need to become a better musician and use your guitar as the pros know how to do.

7. String Theory

String Theory: This site provides you with an easy way to master music theory applied to the guitar. Many guitar players are intimidated by formal music studies, since much of it is based on learning traditional music notation and theory. However, it doesn’t need to be like this.

As a guitar player, you have the opportunity of learning about music in a fun and exciting way. This is especially true with the help of great video resources provided in the string theory package.

I highly recommend taking a look at this package and practicing along. As most resources that I mentioned in this page, the string theory course has 2 months of money back guarantee, so you don’t need to be worried about your investment.

8. Guitar Theory Reviewed

Guitar Theory Reviewed: This site will give you an innovative information products for guitar. This is useful if you need to learn music and guitar theory in a quick and fun way. The site uses video, MP3, images, and other resources to teach important topics in guitar theory that would be otherwise boring or superficial.

The creators of this package took all the care to make this package complete and accurate, and a great companion for guitar players who really want to become better musicians who understand the theory behind the chords.

9. Guitar Notes

Guitar Notes: This is an incredibly useful software package that runs in your browser and can be used to learn many topics about guitar playing. One of the main things you can do is to learn intervals and notes in the instrument.

Many players can greatly benefit from a software to learn all intervals quickly. Another area that is covered by this useful software are the most common scales, such as major, minor, diminished, along with their modes.

While you can learn this by pure memorization, having a software that can guide you is next best thing after having an expert guitar professor 24 hours to guide your learning.

10. Blues Bass

Blues Bass: This site give you information about bass playing for guitarists! Yes, sometimes it is important to learn about bass playing, even if you’re a guitar player. The main advantage is that you will learn to understand how to blend your guitar with bass lines, and, if necessary reinforce and complement the bass. I highly recommend the blues bass method, even if you’re just interested in the guitar, as this will enlarge your horizons and present you with important musical knowledge.

11. Guitar Control

Guitar Control: This guitar control course is a super package that specializes in presenting guitar control techniques. These techniques can be useful in many different styles, such as rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, fusion, and so many others.

With the guitar control course, you will be presented with a well designed and interesting material that covers a lot of techniques that are essencial for guitar players in several styles. I have tested many of the techniques presented in the guitar control package and found it to be extremely helpful to increase my guitar playing abilities.

12. Guitar Success

Guitar Success: This is another online course that guides you in step-by-step fashion. It can be used by beginners, but also by advanced players who want to get to the next level. The sequence of lessons is well designed, and you will have no difficulty in following the videos and online resources. I believe this is a fairly priced and useful resource for people interesting in improving their guitar skills.

13. Adult Guitar

Adult Guitar: One of the problems you might have when starting to use Information products for guitar is to find material that is interesting for your age-group. Many guitar packages are targeted to younger people, so you will find songs or musical styles that are not very interesting.

The Adult Guitar course tries to solve this problem by presenting a complete course based on music material familiar for adult players. Songs are mostly taken from classic bands that were very famous in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. With the adult guitar package, you will find a lot of great content, ranging from the very beginning to intermediary topics.

You will quickly advance you guitar skills by using well designed materials, interesting songs, and video help. See the full review that I wrote about the adult guitar package by clicking here.

14. Express Guitar

blankExpress guitar is a complete guitar training system created to accelerate your guitar leaning experience. It provides the following very useful features:

  • Effortless 10-minute step-by-step practice sessions
  • Image, text, sound and VIDEO clips
  • Several hit song formulas
  • Virtual band “JAM” tracks
  • No reading music necessary to use the system
  • Professional audio, digital sound
  • Unlimited FREE lifetime updates

And here are four bonus courses:

Pure Pitch Information Product for Guitar

Pure Pitch Method: Pitch perception is a very important skill for guitar players and musician in general. In this information products for guitar, called “The pure pitch method”, you will get help you to achieve perfect pitch!

Many people have reported to acquire perfect pitch after taking specific courses. With this method you will be able to train your perfect pitch perception, and perhaps acquire perfect pitch.

Write Songs that Sell

Write Songs that Sell: If you’re a guitar players, writing songs is one of the possible ways you can make a living. There is always opportunity for people who know how to create new songs. This package will help you achieve your creative goals and create songs that sound great and that people will enjoy listening to.

This teaching packages shows from the basics to advanced topics on song writing, which will give you everything needed to start creating songs.

Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele Lessons: This very interesting course covers all you need to learn the ukulele, from chords to simple soloing.

Rocket Ukulele

Rocket Ukulele: Another useful ukulele resource, this package is filled with great content, from videos to audio-lessons and other resources that you can use to practice the ukulele.