Flamma FX100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal Review

The Flamma FX100 is a model muti-effect pedal. Multi-effects pedals are devices that combine multiple guitar effects, such as distortion, reverb, and delay, into one unit.

These pedals typically have a variety of preset and customizable effects, and allow guitarists to easily switch between different sounds during a performance. Many multi-effects pedals also have a built-in tuner and may include features such as a looper and drum patterns.

The Flamma FX100 is a last generation pedal that combines many features. It will take your guitar sound to the next level, and it works well both for beginners as well as professional guitar players.

Main Features of the Flamma FX100

There are many high quality sounds included with the Flamma FX100. It comes with 55 high-quality amp models included. Another important component of this package are the cab models you can model. There are 26 IR-based factory speaker cab models.

The cab simulator included in this pedal has been designed to emulate the sound and feel of a tube amplifier. You will also find support for third-party impulse response files. This support has been upgraded, which is great news for guitar professionals, since they can now  support files of up to 512 sampling points. With this new feature, you’ll many more options to design your individual tone.

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Essential Guitar Pedals You Need to Have

Multi Effect Pedals

blankA multi-effect pedal is a device designed for guitarists and other musicians that combines multiple effects into a single unit. It allows you to access and control a variety of effects such as distortion, modulation, delay, reverb, and more, all within one pedal.

Modeling multi-effect pedals take the concept further by including digital technology that emulates the sound and characteristics of specific amplifiers, cabinets, and effects pedals. These pedals use digital signal processing (DSP) to recreate the tones and responses of various vintage or modern gear, providing a wide range of sounds in a compact and convenient format.

Modeling multi-effect pedals typically offer a diverse selection of amp models, cabinet simulations, and effects to choose from. They often include a variety of distortion, overdrive, modulation, delay, and reverb effects, along with other creative tools like harmonizers, loopers, and phrase samplers. Some models even have built-in expression pedals for real-time control over parameters like volume, wah, or pitch modulation.

Advantages of Multi-Effect Pedals

One advantage of modeling multi-effect pedals is their versatility. They allow you to experiment with different amp and effects combinations, dial in specific tones, and even switch between various sounds on the fly. They are often programmable, meaning you can save and recall your favorite presets for different songs or performance scenarios.

These pedals are a popular choice for guitarists who want access to a wide range of tones without the need for multiple individual pedals or bulky amplifier setups. They are particularly useful for live performances, studio recordings, or situations where portability and convenience are essential.

It’s worth noting that there are many different modeling multi-effect pedals available from various manufacturers, each with its own unique features, sound quality, and user interface. Some popular brands known for their modeling multi-effect pedals include Line 6, Boss, Zoom, and Mooer, among others.

Types of Effects in the Flamma FX100

blankThe main effects in the Flamma FX100 are grouped into nine types of main blocks. These blocks include the following:

  • Fxcomp: special effects you can add to your tune.
  • Distortion: traditional distortion sound, with several options.
  • Overdrive: the usual overdrive options are available.
  • Amp: simulation of some of the best amps in the market.
  • Cab: simulation of several cabinets.
  • Noise Gate: you can apply a noise gate to reduce noise levels.
  • EQ: the EQ module allows you complete control of several sound bands.
  • Modulation: you can add modulations control to your effects.
  • Delay: classic delay with several options.
  • Reverb: finally, you can apply reverb with different settings.

Each block can be configured separately, using several effects. In total, you can use up to 150 effects in total. From these, you can use up to 9 effects at the same time.

Amp Simulation

One great feature of multi effect pedals like this is the ability to support different amp simulators. The amp is a major characteristic of the guitar sound, and in the past it was difficult to try several amps. With the Flamma FX100 it is super easy to change amps!

The FX100 comes with 55 classic and modern amp models. These are high-quality simulations, that will make you sound great in any situation. The amps use non-linear digital amp modeling. This technology provides sound similar to a real tube amp.

Large Number of Presets

blankThe FX100 comes equipped with 200 presets. This means that you can have multiple sound options, for each of the combinations of effects available in the module.

blankNot only you can use the provided effects, but you can also download even more. You just need to connect the FX100 to a Windows or Mac computer. The connection is made via USB, and this connections can be used for:

  • software updates,
  • preset editing and
  • use of the dedicated editor software.

If you need even more customization, there is an OTG FUNCTION, which supports iOS, Android, and iPadOS. With this option, you can quickly start the video/audio recording software. You can both create new recordings or stream your git over the internet.

Additional Options

blankBeyond the traditional effects contained in the FX100, you can also have a few extras:

  • Looper: an 80-second looper for your recording, allows you to create entire songs in a loop. Functionality include editing, adding new layers, and overdubbing.
  • Drum machine: the system comes with 40 drum machine options, covering the most popular rhythms.
  • Metronome: the embedded metronome has 10 tempo and compass options.
  • Expression Pedal: this can also be setup to perform a number of options, as well as controlling the volume for several effects.

Technical Specs

  • FX100 offers 150+ built-in guitar effects
  • Up to 9 effects can be used simultaneously
  • 55 high-quality guitar AMP models that utilize non-linear digital amp modelling technology
  • Looper for recording up to 80 seconds
  • 200 presets provide multiple sound options
  • 10 metronome and 40 drum machine options
  • FX100 Studio Software
  • 10 user slots to load in your 3rd party IR files

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