Jamming over Rock Chords

Jamming over rock chords is a great exercise that you can use to improve your guitar skills.

To achieve speed in your execution, it is always good to start from a slow tempo.

Doing this, you help you in a few ways:

First, you’ll learn how to play over with a metronome or drum machine. This is an important skill to have, and it is needed when you play with other musicians.

Second, you’ll be able to fully develop your technique. In a slow tempo, you take take care of possible problems in the technical execution on the guitar.

Once you’ve mastered the technical skills needed at a slow tempo, then you can gradually start to push the tempo up. After some time, you’ll be able to repeat this exercise at high speed.

The third advantage is that you can play this gradually. You don’t need to start fast: as long as you are able to make little improvements, you can speed up your execution until you achieve your goal.

Jamming with  Rock Solos

Rock solos are typically done over a major or minor key. This makes the process easier, because there are fewer changes of scale.

The other possibility is to use the pentatonic scale when doing your solos.

The pentatonic scale is a subset of the major (or minor) scale, where only five notes are used.

The advantage of the pentatonic is that you can focus only on the notes that sound better over a particular chord.

Exploring the pentatonic scale is the easiest way to achieve mastery of rock solos. Over time, you can start playing over the complete major scale.

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Video Lesson

You can check how to learn jamming over rock chords for lead solo watching the following video.

In this lesson, you’ll see the exact chords that you can use to start practicing this interesting skills.

You’ll also be able to practice the solo over two chords sequences.