How to Play Guitar for Beginners

Playing guitar is one of the most desired skills by people of any age. I have seen people all over the world demonstrating interest in learning music and developing basic guitar playing skills. Even the ones that have no idea of how to play the guitar also would like to get at least the basics. In this article, I’ll give some tips about how to play guitar for beginners.

This is the reason for the popularity of such things as guitar-playing games, or even toy guitars that you can use to simulate the real instrument.

Finding Motivation

One of the motivations for people who love to play the guitar is the large amount of music that you can play in the instrument. This is also why the guitar seems so interesting and useful for beginners

During the last 100 years, there is more music created for the guitar than for any other musical instrument. Also, most people associate guitar playing with fun and coolness.

But learning the guitar may get easier if you follow the right approach to learn the instrument. Basically, there are some things that may help you to get faster results. Here are two useful tips:

Concentrate on Interesting exercises

Most people stop their journey of guitar playing because they get discouraged by some kinds of practice methods. But the best thing to do is to find some fun piece and start practicing from there.

As you learn easy songs, the harder ones will become more manageable. Thus, it doesn’t make sense to go for boring stuff. There is plenty of easy and enjoyable music that you can play on the guitar.

This doesn’t mean that you should not practice other skills. These are important and necessary to improve your abilities. However, if you’re just starting, I believe it is better to concentrate on the fun aspects and later work on the technical parts of the guitar.

Always practice

it seems almost obvious, but many people forget that practice builds confidence. When you spend a lot of time with the instrument, it becomes easier to get new chords or scales. This will also make it easier to play guitar for beginners.

Don’t be discouraged and continue with daily practice. What is complicated today, won’t be in the next month if you continue to practice and build on what you’re currently learning.

Online Resources to Play Guitar for Beginners

Another tactic that is very useful is to find online resources that you can use to supplement your learning. A common example is to use youtube videos and blog lessons.

However,  there are also complete courses that have been created online. Here is a few examples:

Guitar tricks is the most popular and efficient method for learning the guitar through the internet. This online course has helped thousands of people to achieve mastery of the guitar.

Blues Guitar Videos: In this online course, you will learn the basics, but also several advanced techniques that you make your guitar solos much better sounding and unique. Moreover, this is a very fair-priced method that will give you a lot of ideas for practice.

You can find more information about online guitar courses here.

Learning More About the Guitar

If you want to learn more about playing the guitar, you can start with our free guitar course! In this free course you’ll learn:

  • How to play any note on the guitar
  • Most common chords and how to play them
  • How to take care of your guitar
  • Popular songs
  • Learning tablature
  • and much more.

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