2 Steel Guitar Forum Sites

A great way to learn to play the guitar is to exchange information with fellow guitar players. Steel guitar forum sites play a great role in helping people who are still struggling to learn guitar techniques.

This wouldn’t be different for steel guitar players. There is a lot that can be learned from people who own steel guitars and want to share their experience.

Here are some steel guitar forums that will help you improve your guitar skills.

The Steel Guitar Forum

The guitar forum at steelguitarforum.com is one of the best, and has been around for a few years now.

There you will find lots of topics for daily discussion, including the following:

  • New product announcments
  • Steel on the web: for videos and other web sites.
  • Pedal Steel: where you will find information about pedals and other equipment.
  • Electronics: amps and other electronic gear useful with steel guitars.
  • Tablature: lots of music specifically for steel guitars.

The site also has a classifieds section, where you can find several items such as:

  • Recording
  • Jobs
  • Wanted equipment
  • Lessons for sale
  • Music
  • And so much more.


The Steelies Association

This one is a steel guitar forum with lots of cool information.

It is run by a UK-based association, with tons of topics for steel guitar players.

Located at  thebritishsteeliessociety.co.uk, this site has topics such as:

  • Steel guitar events and meetings: conferences and related info.
  • Steel players: information and gossip about steel guitar players.
  • Tablature: songs for this instrument.
  • Pedal steel recordings: CDs and online music feature steel guitars.
  • History of steel guitar: historic information about this style of guitar playing, specially in the UK.

There is also a gig guide, with information for players who want to find gigs and other jobs.

The site also has a classifieds section, where you can list equipment, guitars, accessories, and other items for sale.


Between these two forums, you can find a lot of information about steel guitars and how to play them. You can also connect to lots of people who are interested in steel guitar, and are willing to help.

Finally, if you want to find people to teach guitar on this style, these forums a good place to search and get help.

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