What Guitar is played by Tina S?

Tina S. is a guitar player that has created a number of videos on youtube. She has attracted a large following for her exciting guitar solos, with covers of famous songs.

What are the Music Styles Played by Tina S?

Tina S. videos are mostly present covers of famous guitar solos and famous songs on electric guitar. The songs range from classical music to hard rock.

What Guitar is Played by Tina S?

The guitar used by Tina S in many of her videos is a Vigier, a french guitar with speciality guitars. According to their website: “Vigier is a French brand specializing in high-end electric guitars and basses.

“The company was created in 1980 by Patrice Vigier and produces its instruments in France. The brand is known for its rigorous manufacturing and control methods, for its technological innovations and for the international artists who use their instruments.”

Despite decades of existence, it must be noted that the electric guitar industry is a particularly traditional and conservative environment.”

What Kind of Songs are Played by Tina S?

Tina S. played several songs on her youtube channel. Some of the best songs by Tina S. include:

  • Moonlight sonata, by L. Beethoven.
  • Eruption, by Van Halen.
  • Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd.
  • The Trooper, Iron Maiden.
  • Paganini 5th Caprice, Steve Vai.
  • For the Love of God, Steve Vai.
  • Master of Puppets, Metallica.

How to Play Difficult Solos with Little Effort?

Playing solos requires study and dedication. However, if you use the right resources you can learn to solo like other famous guitar players in little time.

One kind of resource that I found to accelerate the learning curve for guitarists is the Rock Guitar Mastery method. This method is a high quality online resource that has helped thousands of guitar players to achieve their dream of playing solos like the masters.