5 Secrets for How to Teach Yourself Guitar

Learning the guitar seems complicated to many people, even a “black art”. However, it turns out that with good planing and the best learning material, you can learn how to teach yourself guitar as quickly as in a few weeks.

You can learn the guitar by yourself if you use a few secrets that are usually ignored by beginners.

1. Learn Using Simple Songs

One mistake made by beginners is to try to learn more complicated songs that you listed on youtube or spotify. These songs are great, but to play them you need to go though the basics.

The best songs to learn the guitar are the ones that have few chords and simple rhythms. Remember that the guitar is a popular instrument, so simple chords are frequently used.

Finding easy songs is an important step, specially if you’re leaning guitar as an adult player.

2. Practice Regularly

Another big mistake made by those who want to teach yourself guitar, is to try to do too much in a single session. The result is that they cannot maintain a regular practice. This is very important if you want to figure out how to teach yourself guitar

For example, if you play for four hours, tomorrow you’ll probably be tired, or at least will not have the same energy for the same time.

It is much better if you divide a four hour sessions into four one hour lessons. By doing this, you optimize your learning time. You also take advantage of regular repetition, which is one of the foundations of learning for any skill.

This is so important that I added regular practice as one of the 14 ways to improve your guitar playing skills.

3. Get a Quality Instrument

Another mistake made by a lot of people is to start with a bad instrument. If you buy a guitar that has bad sound, poor strings handling and other defects, then you have a problem.

With a bad instrument, it becomes difficult to make progress because you don’t know if the bad sound is your fault of the fault of the guitar.

Moreover, this can cause you to become discouraged for not being able to get a good sound out of the instrument.

I wrote a complete article about buying a cheap but quality guitar  or even a good used guitar that will help you to choose a good instrument without having too spend too much money.

4. Use a Good Method to Teach Yourself Guitar

Guitar HeadstockAnother mistake done by many people is to play without having good material.

This is a problem because you cannot advance if you don’t know where to go.

To fix this problem, you need to have a good method for learning the guitar. I wrote an article to explain what are these methods and how to get them.

Another option we now have is to use online courses. Some of these courses are free or very cheap, with easy guitar lessons, and with all the advantages of online education. Many of my students have used these online courses to make quick progress.

To get more ideas about this topic, check my article on exciting ways to learn guitar online.

For some additional ideas to learn guitar easily, check this other article.

5. Have a Good attitude

Another tip that will improve your results is to have a good mental attitude. This makes all the difference if you want to learn how to teach yourself guitar.

Many people learning the instrument are only looking for quick results, without commitment. But if you commit to learn the guitar, and take this as a long term project, you will make a lot of progress.

There is a lot to learn, but there is a lot of fun in playing music that you enjoy and meeting other people.

To get more information about this topic, I prepared a free 60 page PDF course, that you can receive by email, if you click here.