10 Easy Guitar Methods

When you want to learn to play the guitar, one possible way is to get guitar methods and learn by yourself.

In the modern world, the most efficient guitar methods are online, and web based. I researched the current guitar methods, both online and paper-based. Here are the 10 best methods that I found.

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1. Rock Guitar Mastery

On line based method, video-based and text-based.

Rock Guitar Mastery:  a good way to learn the guitar is using songs. This video-based method uses rock songs to teach the basic techniques of modern guitar playing. The method gives you exercises to help with:

  • learning guitar licks,
  • chord sequences,
  • solos,
  • and other techniques.

Several exercises will help you to master the rock style, which will be useful if you want to play at home as well as playing in a rock band.

2. Guitar Exercises for Beginners: 10x Your Guitar Skills

Paper-based method.

Guitar exercises for beginners: This is a book designed to provide a structured, systemized and disciplined way to practice guitar. It shows you what are the best guitar exercises.

The premise of this method is that you can spend just 10 minutes every day to increase your guitar skills. The only thing you need is a structure methodology to improve. This method provides you with exercises to help you to improve quickly your guitar skills.

3. Guitar Control

On line based method, video-based and text-based.

Guitar Control: This guitar control course is a super package that specializes in presenting guitar control techniques. These techniques can be useful in many different styles, such as rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, fusion, and so many others. With the guitar control course, you will be presented with a well designed and interesting material that covers a lot of techniques that are essencial for guitar players in several styles. I have tested many of the techniques presented in the guitar control package and found it to be extremely helpful to increase my guitar playing abilities.

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4. Guitar Theory Reviewed

On line based method, video-based and text-based.

Guitar Theory Reviewed: This site will give you everything you need to learn music and guitar theory in a quick and fun way. The site uses video, MP3, images, and other resources to teach important topics in guitar theory that would be otherwise boring or superficial. The creators of this package took all the care to make this

5. Hal Leonard Guitar Method

Paper-based method.

The Hal Leonard Guitar Method is one of the most traditional guitar methods. It has been used by generations of guitar players, and it is still one of the best in the market.

With the Hal Leonard method, you’ll have a well-structured strategy to learn the guitar, with good exercises, and also the basics of music theory that every guitar player needs.

6. Video Surgeon

On line based method, video-based software to improve your guitar skills.

Video Surgeon: The video surgeon is not a traditional method, but instead a tool that will help you use songs to improve your guitar player. With the software tools of video surgeon, you can record, play, repeat, select, and learn any songs that is available in video format (for example, youtube).

7. Advancing Guitarist

On line based method, video-based and text-based.

Advancing Guitarist: This guitar playing resource was designed to help you advance as a guitar player. This is done using a good set of practical exercises distributed in the form of video and tutorials. You can start as a beginner or a mid-level player, and use these easy and fun exercises to quickly become a master player. This online resource will provide everything you need to become a better musician and use your guitar as the pros know how to do.

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8. Music Theory for Guitarists

Paper-based method.

The music theory for guitarists is an online package that provides the basic foundation for all guitar players.

Music theory is something that will help every guitar player, because it gives the basis for improving your guitar skills. However, traditional methods are difficult especially when one needs to hear examples. This online method is ideal if you want to have a solid basis for your guitar learning.

9. Adult Guitar

On line based method, video-based and text-based.

Adult Guitar: One of the problems you might have when starting to play the guitar is to find material that is interesting for your age-group. Many guitar packages are targeted to younger people, so you will find songs or musical styles that are not very interesting. The Adult Guitar course tries to solve this problem by presenting a complete course based on music material familiar for adult players.

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Guitar Playing  for Busy Adults

10. Fundamentals of Classical Guitar

Paper-based method.

The Fundamentals of Classical Guitar is paper-based method that concentrates on the best strategies to learn classic guitar fundamentals. Using a very clear style, the book gives lessons and exercises to help you develop your skills on the classical guitar. Even if you’re interested in the electric guitar, it is very useful to learn the basics of classical guitar, since it will help you develop important aspects of your musical instruction.