Beginner Guitar Scales: 3 Ways to Play Like a Pro

Playing guitar scales is one of the best ways to improve your chops as a guitar player. But if you have ever seen the best guitar players moving through the guitar’s neck with such easy and speed, you need to realize that this takes time and effort. We discuss in this article a few beginner secrets to play guitar scales like a pro.

To help you improve your skills, here are a few tips that helped me tremendously when learning guitar scales.

1. Maintain a Daily Routine

To practice guitar scales like a pro, you need to develop and use a daily routine. This is necessary because good guitar techniques needs to be developed constantly, not just in rare exercises. The goal is preferably to do these exercises every day.

Most people have a time of the day that is best for playing. For some, it is early in the mornings. For others, it is late in the night. Whatever your preference, find a time in the day that you can use to practice scales for at least a few minutes.

By doing this, you will be reinforcing your training and refining your skills. Everyday that you practice scales is a new opportunity to make your style more consistent. Use this time effectively.

2. Maintain Constant Speed

The other thing that helps a lot when practicing beginner guitar scales is to maintain a constant speed. Having good techniques when playing scales is a mater of playing with consistency. This can be easily achieved if you maintain the speed throughout your exercises.

To help you with this aspect of playing scales, you can, for example, use a metronome. The metronome is an equipment that can be used to generate a constant beat. This allows you to follow the beep and avoid skipping the tempo during the most difficult parts of the exercises.

Not just a metronome, but also a similar device such as a mobile app can be use as a well to keep the speed the same for the whole training session. Modern computer software may be even easier to use for this purpose. Another option you can employ is using a drum machine that generates a constant rhythm. These are all useful ways to maintain a constant speed during your scale exercises.

When you have practiced these exercises at constant speed, you can start increasing the velocity. In a few days, you will able to play the same scales fast and with precision.

3. Play and Have Fun with Guitar Scales

With all the work that is necessary to play beginner guitar scales fast, you should also try to have some fun. It makes no sense to dedicate so much time to a skill, like playing the guitar, without fully enjoying your time doing so.

To increase your enjoyment, include a lot of variety on your daily routines. For example, try to change the sequence of exercises, or even make some interesting game, such as selecting the next scale to practice using the dice or some other fun game.

You can also use songs that you really enjoy, such as pop songs, or from the singers and bands that you enjoy most.

After all, what really matter when playing guitar are the results.  If you have fun while doing your scales, that is even better!