The B guitar chord

The B guitar chord is the symbol, which guitar players use for the B major chord on the guitar.

This is a thee note chord, or triad, which we can form from the harmonic field of the G minor or B major.

The B Chord as Part of the Harmonic Field

In the G minor key, this guitar chord if the third chord of the harmonic field.

Also, in the B major key, this is the first chord.

Depending on the position on the guitar neck, the B guitar chord can be used in many configurations.

The first and most common position is the one with root on the 5th string:

B chord

Also, another position that is commonly used for this chord is with the key note in the sixth string, 7th fret:

B chord

The B chord is very common in music, and because of this it can be used in several songs. For your own development, you should learn to use the B in several contexts, also trying to understand the way it can be applied in different keys.

For example, in the B major key, the B chord is the fundamental chord.

In the E major key, the B is a 5th chord.

Then, in the F# major key, the B is a 4th chord.

In the C# minor chord, the B is a 7th chord.

In the D# minor chord, the  B is a 6th chord.

Songs using the chord B

There are several popular songs that employ the B chord. Here is a small sample:

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