Most Common Guitar Chords

This is a list of most common guitar chords and related information, which you can use to learn to play the guitar.

Major Chords

A major chord: Players use this chord in songs like “Have A Nice Day” – Stereophonics.

B major chord

C major chord

C#/Db major chord

D major chord: Guitar players use this chord in well known songs like “I’ve Got A Feelin'” – The Beatles.

D#/Eb major chord

E major chord: This chord is used in songs like: “I Can’t Explain” – The Who.

F major chord

F#/Gb major chord


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Most Common Minor 7th Chords

Here are most common guitar chords that have a minor 7th shape.

Am7 Chord: this is a very common chord used in songs like “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”, by Elton John.

Bm7 chord

Cm7 chord

Dm7 Chord

Em7 Chord

F#m7 Chord

Gm7 Chord

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Dominant 7th Chords

These are major chords that have a minor 7th. People frequently use this type of chord to return to the tonic in most songs.

A7 Chord

B7 Chord

C7 Chord

D7 Chord

E7 Chord

F7 Chord

G7 Chord

Learn More About Common Chords

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