The E7 Guitar Chord

In this article you will find out about the conventional E7 chord harmony on a guitar.

The E7 chord is the name utilized for the E7 harmonic triad, as indicated in common music terminology.

This E7 chord is employed in diatonic harmony, otherwise called a tetrad, made from the harmonic field of the A major or A minor scale.

The E7 Chord in Different Harmonic Environments

In the A major key, this harmony if the firth chord of the harmonic field. However, in the A minor key, this E7 chord has only dominant capacity if using the harmonic (or melodic) scale.

When utilizing the D minor key, the E7 chord can additionally be used as a dominant of the dominant.

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Different Arrangements of the E7 Chord

Contingent on the left hand position on the guitar neck, you can play the E7 harmony on the guitar in numerous positions. You can see some of them in the following charts.

The first and most normal position is the open position, with root on the sixth string:


The notes implied by this position are:

E, B, D, G#, D, and E.

Another opportunity for this chord is likewise with the root on the fifth string, however now utilizing a barre position:


The notes implied here are:

E, B, D, G#, B.

Additionally, you can utilize another position for this specific harmony. That position is with the root in the fourth string, second fret:


The notes played are:

E, B, D, G#

The E7 chord is extremely common in a few types of popular music like rock, and as a result of this you can discover it in numerous  songs.

To improve your abilities, you should be able to figure out how to utilize the E7 harmony in a few settings. Likewise, attempt to understand the manner by which to apply this harmony in various keys.

Other Useful Chords

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