How to Play Guitar Tabs

Guitar tabs are a quick way to learn the notes played in a guitar. In this article, you will learn how to play guitar tabs. While not providing the same information as traditional sheet music, guitar tabs are popular because they show directly how to play the notes in the… Read More »How to Play Guitar Tabs

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Seagull S6 : Acoustic Guitar

  The Seagull S6 is an acoustic guitar model created by the maker Seagull. The guitar company is based in Canada, as has specialized in creating quality acoustic guitars, at a mid-range price. The Seagull S6 has a number of features that make it a very desirable acoustic guitar. Guitar… Read More »Seagull S6 : Acoustic Guitar


B7 Guitar Chord

Here are some interesting facts about the common B7 chord on a guitar. The B7 chord is the symbol used for the B minor seventh chord, according to music theory. This B7 is a thee note diatonic chord, also known as a tetrad, which is formed as part of the harmonic… Read More »B7 Guitar Chord


The E7 Guitar Chord

In this article you will find out about the conventional E7 chord harmony on a guitar. The E7 chord is the name utilized for the E7 harmonic triad, as indicated in common music terminology. This E7 chord is employed in diatonic harmony, otherwise called a tetrad, made from the harmonic… Read More »The E7 Guitar Chord

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Guitar Saddle: Quick Tips

A guitar saddle is common part of most guitars. The saddle is the mounting piece for the guitar strings, connecting them to the body of the guitar. The guitar saddle can be made of a hard material. In accoustic guitars, the saddle is usually made of some form of plastic,… Read More »Guitar Saddle: Quick Tips


Guitar in Spanish

Guitar in spanish is Guitarra. The work is derived from ancient words for string instruments, such as citarra. The guitar in spanish culture is very important, because it is connected to tradicional songs and dances. Spain and the History of Guitar While the guitar is known and played world wide,… Read More »Guitar in Spanish