10 Best Flanger Guitar Pedals for 2024

There are numerous flanger guitar pedals on the market, each offering different features, tonal characteristics, and price points.
In this article, I explore the 10 best flanger pedal depends on individual preferences, playing style, and the specific sound you’re seeking. Here’s a list of 10 popular flanger pedals, each known for its unique qualities:

Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress

The Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress is a classic flanger and filter matrix effects pedal that has played a significant role in shaping the sound of many iconic guitarists. Originally introduced in the late 1970s, the Electric Mistress has gone through various versions and reissues over the years, each contributing its unique sonic characteristics.

The Electric Mistress is an analog flanger, utilizing Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) technology. This technology involves a series of analog delay stages (buckets) to create the flanging effect.

One distinctive feature of the Electric Mistress is its filter matrix mode. This mode allows players to freeze the flanger at a specific point, creating a resonant filter effect. It’s particularly notable for its ability to produce unique, swirling sounds.

Classic Tone: The Electric Mistress is known for its classic, lush modulation sound. It’s been used by guitarists in various genres, including rock, psychedelia, and experimental music.

The original Electric Mistress featured a simple set of controls, including Speed, Width, and Color. These controls allow users to adjust the rate of modulation, the depth of the effect, and the tone of the flanger.

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Different Versions

Over the years, Electro-Harmonix has released different versions and reissues of the Electric Mistress. The Deluxe Electric Mistress, for example, introduced additional controls for increased flexibility.

In addition to the larger format pedals, Electro-Harmonix offers more compact versions of the Electric Mistress, making it accessible to players with limited pedalboard space.

Some versions of the Electric Mistress are equipped with an expression pedal input, allowing players to control parameters such as filter matrix and flanger depth in real-time.

The Electric Mistress has been used by renowned guitarists such as David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Andy Summers of The Police, and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Its distinctive flanging sound can be heard on numerous classic recordings.

Vintage Electric Mistress pedals are sought after by collectors and players for their unique tonal characteristics. Electro-Harmonix has also released reissues, allowing modern players to experience the classic Electric Mistress sound.

Continued Legacy: The Electric Mistress continues to be a staple in the world of guitar effects, and its legacy is celebrated by both vintage gear enthusiasts and contemporary players.

MXR M117R Flanger

The MXR M117R Flanger is a classic flanger pedal that has been a staple in the world of guitar effects since its introduction in the late 1970s. Produced by MXR, a company known for its high-quality stompboxes, the M117R has gained popularity for its simplicity, robust build, and warm analog flanging sound.

The MXR M117R is an analog flanger, utilizing Bucket Brigade Device (BBD) technology. BBDs are a series of analog delay stages that create the flanging effect by modulating the delayed signal against the original.

Classic Design: The M117R retains the classic design of the original MXR Flanger from the late ’70s. Its orange enclosure, simple layout, and sturdy construction are reminiscent of MXR’s vintage pedals.

The controls on the M117R include Manual, Width, Speed, and Regen (Regeneration). These controls allow users to adjust the parameters of the flanger effect, including the rate, depth, and feedback.

The pedal features true bypass switching, ensuring that when the effect is disengaged, the signal passes through the pedal’s circuitry without affecting the tone. This helps maintain the integrity of the guitar’s original signal.

The M117R is praised for its warm and rich flanging tone. It produces a lush and liquid modulation that has been used across various musical genres.

Iconic Tones: The MXR M117R has been used by many famous guitarists, contributing to iconic tones in rock, blues, and other genres. It’s particularly associated with the guitar sound of Eddie Van Halen, who used it on Van Halen’s early albums.

The MXR M117R is housed in a compact and rugged enclosure, making it pedalboard-friendly. Its simplicity and compact size make it easy to incorporate into various setups.

The pedal includes an LED indicator that shows the on/off status of the effect. This is a helpful feature on dark stages or in low-light environments.

The MXR Flanger has undergone various iterations and reissues over the years. The M117R is a reissue that preserves the classic design and sound while incorporating modern components for reliability.

While known for its classic flanging tones, the MXR M117R is a versatile pedal that can be used for subtle modulation effects as well as more pronounced, swirling flanger sounds.

Boss BF-3 Flanger

blankThe Boss BF-3 Flanger is a guitar effects pedal produced by Boss, a division of Roland Corporation. As part of the Boss compact pedal lineup, the BF-3 is known for its durability, ease of use, and the wide range of flanging effects it offers. It is the successor to the popular BF-2 Flanger and has been a staple in the pedalboards of guitarists since its release.

The BF-3 combines analog flanging technology with digital controls, providing players with a versatile and reliable flanger effect.

The pedal offers four different modes: Ultra, Standard, Gate/Pan, and Momentary. Each mode provides a distinct flanging character, from classic jet-plane sounds to more modern and experimental tones.

Moreover, the BF-3 features straightforward controls, including Manual, Depth, Rate, and Resonance. These controls allow users to adjust the key parameters of the flanger effect, such as the modulation rate, depth, and feedback.

The Momentary mode allows players to engage the flanger effect only when the footswitch is held down. This is useful for adding flanger accents to specific parts of a performance.

Additionally, the BF-3 includes a Tap Tempo function, enabling players to set the modulation rate by tapping the footswitch in real-time. This feature is particularly handy for syncing the flanger effect with the tempo of the music.

The pedal supports both mono and stereo operation, offering flexibility for different setups and configurations. In stereo mode, the BF-3 can create a more spatial and immersive flanger effect.

Moreover, the BF-3 follows the classic Boss compact pedal design, known for its rugged construction and pedalboard-friendly size. The pedal features a sturdy metal enclosure with rubberized footswitches.

Also, the BF-3 includes an LED indicator that shows the on/off status of the effect. This visual feedback is helpful on dark stages or in low-light environments.

The pedal features a buffered bypass, which helps maintain signal integrity when the effect is disengaged. This is beneficial for preserving the tone and preventing signal loss in long cable runs.

Finally, the Boss BF-3 is suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. It can be used to add subtle modulation to clean tones, create atmospheric textures, or produce dynamic, swirling flanger sounds for more experimental applications.

Other Flanger Pedals

  • EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress XO:
    • Another offering from Electro-Harmonix, the Deluxe Electric Mistress XO builds upon the classic Electric Mistress with additional controls for greater flexibility.
  • Strymon Orbit dBucket Flanger:
    • Strymon’s Orbit is a digital flanger that uses dBucket technology to emulate the sound of analog bucket brigade circuitry. It offers a wide range of flanging effects.
  • TC Electronic Vortex Flanger:
    • The Vortex Flanger from TC Electronic is known for its TonePrint technology, allowing users to load custom flanger sounds created by famous artists or design their own.
  • Mooer Eleclady Flanger:
    • The Mooer Eleclady is a compact and affordable flanger pedal that offers a classic analog flanging sound in a mini-sized enclosure.
  • EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Stereo Flanging Device:
    • The Pyramids from EarthQuaker Devices is a versatile stereo flanger with multiple modes, tap tempo, and a wide range of controls for shaping your flanging sound.
  • Ibanez FL9 Flanger:
    • The Ibanez FL9 is a vintage reissue of the original Ibanez flanger from the 1980s. It’s known for its warm and lush modulation sound.
  • Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato:
    • While primarily a chorus/vibrato pedal, the Walrus Audio Julia offers a unique blend of chorus and vibrato effects with flanger-like modulation, making it a versatile choice for experimental players.