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8 Best Types of Guitars

Guitars come in several models. In this article we consider the different types of guitars that we can find in the market. 1. Classical Guitar The classical guitar is the granddaddy of modern guitars. It is the famous guitar that was developed in Spain in the 19th century, and from… Read More »8 Best Types of Guitars


The F#m Guitar Chord Analyzed

The F#m chord is the symbol used for the F#m minor chord on the guitar. In this article, we explore the F#m guitar chord. This is a thee note diatonic chord, also known as triad, which is formed directly from the harmonic field of the F# minor key or A major… Read More »The F#m Guitar Chord Analyzed


Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha is a Japanese company that creates high quality acoustic guitars, as well as other instruments. Among these instruments, is the Yamaha F335 acoustic guitar, which we explore in this article. The F335 has great sound, it is easy to play, and has a beautiful look. Main Features of the… Read More »Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar

Digitech Trio

Digitech Trio+

The Digitech Trio is a looper pedal that provides several innovative features for guitar players. It was release to improve the ability of guitar players to generate drum parts that are lively and that adapt to the song you’re playing. This pedal will also generate automatic bass lines for your… Read More »Digitech Trio+


Barre Chord A

The barre chord A is a very common chord that appears in lots of guitar songs. We’ll learn about this chord. What is the Barre Chord A? A bar chord is a chord created when one presses more than one string with the index finger. This technique is widely used… Read More »Barre Chord A


Playing Barre Chords

This article will show you tips for playing barre chords. You will learn the basic strategies and some useful tips for improvement. The Basic Technique to Play Barre Chords (also known as bar chords) involves using the index finger to press from two up to six strings. This creates a… Read More »Playing Barre Chords

Fender Dreadnought

Classical vs Acoustic Guitar

This article will present the pros and cons of the classical vs acoustic guitar, so you can decide which instrument is better for you. Similarities First, let’s talk about the similarities between classical and acoustic guitars. The main similarity is that these are fundamental the same instrument: they are six-string… Read More »Classical vs Acoustic Guitar