GTRS S801 Smart Electric Guitar

The GTRS S801 Smart Electric Guitar Kit with Effects System is designed to offer a blend of traditional guitar features and modern digital simulation technology.

Features of the GTRS S801 Smart Electric Guitar

Here are some key features and details about the GTRS S801.

  1. Intelligent Processor System:
    • Equipped with an Intelligent Processor System that is designed to be controlled by its dedicated mobile app, offering seamless integration of traditional guitar features and modern digital simulation technology.
  2. Versatile Effects:
    • The Intelligent Processor System includes 9 classic guitar simulations, 126 guitar effects, 40 drum grooves, 10 metronome variations, and an 80-second looper. All settings can be edited through the GTRS App.
  3. Super-Knob and Wireless Footswitch:
    • The Super-Knob and GWF4 Wireless Footswitch (purchased separately) enable quick preset changes during live performances. The wireless system allows for freedom of movement without being tethered by cables.
  4. Battery Life:
    • Built-in chargeable and replaceable battery with a 12-hour battery life, freeing players from low battery anxiety. The guitar can also be used for live streaming with a single OTG cable.
  5. Traditional Guitar Functionality:
    • When the GTRS Intelligent System is turned off, the guitar retains all the functionality of a “normal” guitar. It can be plugged into favorite amps, pedals, or effects units.
  6. Construction and Materials:
    • The S801 features a basswood body, a roasted Canadian maple neck, and a maple fretboard. The Custom H-S-S alnico pickup configuration is chosen for tonal flexibility.
  7. Bluetooth Connectivity:
    • Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connectivity with mobile devices, allowing players to control and customize settings through the GTRS app.
  8. Size and Weight:
    • The guitar has a size designation of S801 and has an item weight of 15.97 pounds. It comes in various color options, including right white, right blue, right gold, right green, and right pink.

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More Useful Features

Here are some additional features:

  1. Additional Accessories:
    • The GTRS system offers additional accessories such as the GWF4 Wireless Footswitch, GWU4, and GCA5, which allow for a fully wireless experience (these accessories need to be purchased separately).
  2. Mobile App Compatibility:
    • The GTRS app for iOS and Android devices allows players to set up parameters for various groups of memory slots. The app is similar to those used with Mooer smart amps, providing flexibility in shaping tones, effects, and amp models.
  3. Cloud Saving and Sharing:
    • The app allows for saving settings to the cloud, enabling users to download or share them. However, the review suggests a desire for synchronization across different Mooer and GTRS products.
  4. Construction Details:
    • The guitar features a bolt-on neck construction, vintage-style chrome tuners, a 1 5/8″ bone nut, standard C profile, 12” radius, 22 jumbo nickel silver frets, and a dual-action steel truss rod.
  5. USB-C and Recording Support:
    • Equipped with USB-C support for recording and charging the battery. The review recommends using a USB-C to USB-A cable for charging.

Review Highlights

  • Positive feedback on the overall playability, sound quality, and durability of the guitar.
  • The Super-Knob is praised for quick preset changes during live performances.
  • Wireless functionality and the ability to shape tones with the app are highlighted.
  • The guitar is noted to play better than some guitars with higher price tags.
  • The ability to use the guitar as a standard instrument without the Intelligent System is appreciated.

What are Smart electric guitars?

blankSmart electric guitars are guitars that incorporate technology to enhance and expand the capabilities of traditional electric guitars. These guitars often integrate digital features, sensors, and connectivity options to provide new functionalities, sound customization, and interactive experiences for players. Here are some common features and characteristics of smart electric guitars:

  1. Digital Signal Processing (DSP):
    • Smart electric guitars often include built-in digital signal processing capabilities. This allows for the modeling of various guitar sounds, effects, and amplifiers, providing a wide range of tones without the need for external pedals or amplifiers.
  2. Built-in Effects:
    • Smart guitars may have a variety of built-in effects, such as distortion, delay, reverb, modulation, and more. These effects can be accessed and controlled directly from the guitar itself or through a connected mobile app.
  3. Wireless Connectivity:
    • Many smart guitars come equipped with wireless connectivity options, allowing them to connect to smartphones, tablets, or computers. This enables players to control settings, download presets, and even play along with backing tracks or interactive lessons.
  4. Mobile Apps:
    • Manufacturers often provide dedicated mobile apps that complement smart guitars. These apps allow users to customize tones, effects, and amp simulations, as well as access additional features like metronomes, drum loops, and recording capabilities.
  5. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi:
    • Smart guitars may feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling seamless communication with other devices. This can be useful for wireless streaming, software updates, and connecting to various music applications.
  6. Integrated Sensors:
    • Some smart guitars incorporate sensors to detect playing techniques, hand movements, or gestures. These sensors can be used to trigger specific effects, control parameters, or create interactive and expressive playing experiences.
  7. Digital Interfaces:
    • Smart guitars often have digital interfaces, such as USB or USB-C ports, for direct connections to computers or recording devices. This facilitates recording, editing, and integrating the guitar into digital audio workstations (DAWs).
  8. Cloud Integration:
    • Cloud-based features may allow users to save, share, and download presets, as well as collaborate with other musicians. This enhances the guitar’s versatility and connectivity.
  9. Smart Learning and Practice Tools:
    • Some smart guitars offer features designed to assist players in learning and practicing. This may include interactive tutorials, chord libraries, and metronomes to help players develop their skills.
  10. Rechargeable Batteries:
    • To power the digital components, smart guitars often come with rechargeable batteries, providing extended playing time and reducing the reliance on disposable batteries.
  11. Headphone Outputs:
    • Smart guitars may have headphone outputs for silent practice, making them suitable for players who want to practice without disturbing others.

Examples of smart guitars include the GTRS S801 Smart Electric Guitar mentioned earlier, as well as products from other manufacturers like Fretlight, Jammy, and more. These guitars cater to players who seek a fusion of traditional playing feel with modern technology, offering a range of creative possibilities and convenience.