5 Unexpected Ways Playing The Guitar Can Make Your Life Better

Learning the guitar has several advantages. Here are 5 unexpected ways in which playing the guitar can make your life better.

1. Making Friends

Playing guitar is a social activity. Rarely one plays guitar by herself.

A guitar player will most of the time connecting with guitar teachers, other guitar students, or band members: people who play other instruments such as keyboard, bass, and drums, for example.

In this process, guitar playing will bring you the opportunity to make new friends, and meet new people of different origins and ages.

This is a big advantage, even if playing guitar is just a hobby for you.

2. Improving Your Memory

Making music has always been linked to better memory and brain function. It is also another way in which playing the guitar makes your life better.

After all, when you do music you are engaging your whole brain at several levels.

You need to remember the chords, the changes, the different notes and each passage. Therefore, this becomes an excellent training for your memory skills.

If you play everyday, you’ll start developing a repertoire of songs that you will always remember. That is very important to increase your memory skills.

Hot tip: If you’re trying to improve your memory, you should consider learning more about chords using specialized software. One software that I recommend is Guitar Notes, a complete software that will help you learn several useful chords and sequences on the guitar.

3. Improving Your Concentration

Another advantage of guitar playing is that it can help increasing your concentration.

Music has the power of improving you mind and making you concentrate in whatever you’re playing. This has a clear benefit in that you can spend more time doing a single thing, with more focus.

This make guitar playing useful for people who suffer from little concentration. You can practice the skill of concentrating for several minutes or even hours in a particular subject.

The other advantage of improved concentration is that it will make you stop thinking about certain things that you don’t want. For example, if you have some addition, you can use the guitar is a method to concentrate in a different topic.

4. Making Money: the guitar can make your life better

Playing the guitar makes your life better in so many ways, and it can be more than a hobby: it can also become a way to make a living. Maybe you’ll not make as much money as The Beatles or John Mayer, but you can still make enough money to help paying for your needs.

There are several ways in which you can make money with your guitar playing skills:

  • Playing in local gigs
  • Teaching the guitar
  • Writing a blog
  • Recording songs
  • Starting a Youtube channel
  • And many others.

Many of these business will not make you rich overnight, but when you combine different streams, you may end up making enough money to live solely from your guitar skills.

Pro Tip: One way to make money as a guitar player is to write and perform songs by yourself. You can easily start in this business and, if you have talent, you can get as much money as you want. Learn how to write your own songs with the course Write Songs that Sell.

5. Improve Your Confidence

Last but not least, learning to play the guitar can be a boost for your confidence. This is another way in which playing the guitar makes your life better.

A lot of people lack the confidence to start learning a new skill, be it a profession, a language, or a musical instrument.

Once you start learning the guitar and getting positive results, this will teach you many lessons that will increase your confidence in other areas too.

For example, you’ll learn how to achieve goals, how to manage your time, how to get resources you need to achieve these goals.

All of these little activities are important now just for guitar playing, but for other areas as well.

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