How to use easy songs to play on guitar

Guitar playing is a great way to make friends, learn a new skill, and achieve your personal goals. Every year, lots of people attend guitar courses and try to play the guitar. For most of these people, this has become a great source of joy.

However, as for any other skill, playing guitar depends on training and persistence. It helps a lot if you are the kind of person that can stick to a routine and do your exercises daily.

What to do to Improve Persistence?

While persistence is need to play an instrument, it requires a particular kind of person, who likes to do everyday incremental steps. But what if you are not that kind of person? Well, I have good news for you, because there is still something you can do to improve your skills: just find easy songs to play on guitar.

Easy songs will help you because they can be played by beginners and intermediate players. But even for advanced player, you can still use them to practice important technical skills.

Finding Easy Songs to Play on Guitar

How can you search and find this kind of music? Well, it is not that difficult if you look in the right places. As a first example, you may want to reach for bands and musicians that play pop music that is of your interest.

The main reason this is useful is that pop music is usually simple, written with few chords and notes. A lot of these songs may even be boring after you become a better player, and that is why you have to go for the bands that you really enjoy.

Searching for Folk Songs

Another way to find simple songs to play on guitar is to search for folk and traditional songs. Most folk songs follow simple rhythms and styles, so you can pick up the gist easily. One of the big advantages of folk songs is that most of them are in the public domain, so you don’t even need to pay to have access to this musical material.

There are several styles of songs that you may be interested in. Ballads, children’s songs, even gospel songs may be used if you want to explore the available repertoire for your instrument. There are many web resources for public domain songs that you can use to find sheet music for these songs.

Finding Simple Chords

Once you find a musical style you enjoy, you can go to a chord web site. There are thousands on the web, just do a search for “name of song” +guitar chord. This will uncover sometimes dozens of sites with guitar chords for the music you are searching for.

The advantage of using the we to find chords is that many sites will also give you the option of transposing the chords to your preferred key. In this way, you can practice playing the same songs in different keys.

All in all, it is a great experience to learn the guitar with simple, fun music. I recommend it, because it is much easier than trying some dry exercises that may become a chore to learn. It is much better to do things while we’re having fun.