How to Play Guitar for Beginners: 6 Effective Tricks

Playing the guitar is not such a complex skills, especially if you use smart strategies to overcoming the initial difficulty. You may learn how to play guitar for beginners in a few steps.

In this article I present 8 tips that can help you to improve your guitar skills very quickly.

1. Get Familiar with the Guitar

The guitar is a popular instrument that has been used to compose and interpret a large number of songs. But many people still don’t have enough information about the guitar.

For example, you need to know about the main parts of the guitar, the types of string used, now to tune the instruments, and many other basic things that will make your life much easier.

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2. Learn Basic Chords

The next step is to be able to learn chord for guitar. This is a necessary step because so much of guitar playing is based on using popular chords, such as

To learn such basic chords, you need to practice the most basic shapes (also known as the CAGED system). You also need to make sure that you’re able to make smooth transitions between such chords.

Pro Tip: Learning chords gets very easy when you have a software to help you find the right positions. Traditionally, chords have been taught using music theory and/or rote repetition. But now you can use software to help you make quick progress. Guitar Notes is such a software that I have used frequently to teach chords to may students. Having a software that can guide you is next best thing after having an expert guitar professor 24 hours to guide your learning.

3. Learn Barre Chords: how to play guitar for beginners

Another way to dominate chords for guitar is to use barre chords. These are chords that you can build using a barre position, that is, using your index finger as a bar to hold several strings.

The importance of barre chords is that they can be moved to any area of the guitar, therefore generating several other chords. For example, if you are playing a B major chord using a barre position, you just need to move it one fret higher to get the C major chord.

Using barre chords you can increase you vocabulary very quickly, and start to play songs in any key, even the more complex ones such as F#m.

4.  Improve Your Guitar Control

The next step in your learning journey is to make sure that you improve your guitar control. That is, the technique used to play notes and chords need to be improved so that you have better guitar control.

Improve guitar control is a complex process. You nee to learn to effectively move around in the instrument, using the minimum effort possible.

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5. Take Guitar Lessons: how to play guitar for beginners

One trick that you can use to improve your guitar abilities very fast is to watch videos describing the most important techniques.

Watching videos is useful because you can stop and replay these videos as long as needed. This interactive method makes it much easier to master the techniques explained in these online resources.

Recommendation: I found a very useful method in the web that uses video effectively to teach the most common guitar techniques. The package is called Downloadable Guitar Videos, and covers a lot of useful material for your development as a guitar player. You’ll have access to a progressive sequence that reinforces what you have previously learned. It is a very recommendable resource for players of all levels.

6. Practice a Guitar Style

The next tip for how to play guitar for beginners is to concentrate on a particular style. A beginner guitar student should start practicing songs in a particular style. Exactly what style will depend on your interests, but you can find nice guitar songs in styles such as Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Classical, and many others.

The important thing is to find a style that you want to spend more time with!

Using this strategy, you will not only become a better guitarist, but have fun and play the songs you like most. At the same time, you’ll learn how to study and interpret different songs.

Pro Tip: If you are interested in rock guitar, there is very good resource that provides everything you need to play rock. It is called the Rock Guitar Mastery course, and it is sold to students who want to master rock songs with riffs, chord sequences, guitar solos, and many other techniques used in Rock. You’ll feel like if you’re playing in a complete rock band.


Pro Tip #2: Another option if you want to develop songs in a particular style, is to study Blues. Blues songs not only have a simple structure, that is ideal for beginners, but is also a good way to learn other skills such as soloing. You can get this package online too, and it gives several bonuses that make this a very attractive teaching material. Moreover,  Blues Guitar Videos  is a very fair-priced method that will give you a lot of ideas for practice.