Two Fantastic MIDI Guitars You Need to Have

MIDI guitars are capable of converting the electric signal directly to MIDI. This makes these guitars extremely versatile.

One of the advantages of keyboard instruments is the ability to produce MIDI output. This has been a prime reason for keyboards to be used on synths and other electronic instruments.

But nowadays you can also do many of the same tricks using a guitar. MIDI guitars have been in the market for the last few years, and they’re becoming more sophisticated each time.

In this article I show some of the best MIDI guitar in the market, and their differences.


Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar


The Jamstik Studio MIDI guitar is an innovative instrument that has everything you need to be creating with MIDI.

First of all, the jamstik feels like a real guitar, not a toy. It has all the features typically associated to a good electric guitar, including a Stratocaster body.

The body is made of mahogany, so you’ll feel like you’re playing a standard instrument.

However, with this guitar you get a complete MIDI controller that can create music with any digital sound you want. You can choose from a traditional piano to a completely synth sound. You can also expand the MIDI sounds from libraries that you can buy on the Internet.

The ability to make your own sound makes this instrument very different from the traditional approach to guitar playing, so you’ll also have to adapt your technique. But the results are really incredible.

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Jammy G Digital MIDI Guitar


The second high quality MIDI guitar I tested is the Jammy G Digital MIDI guitar.

This guitar has as one of its main features a sleek design, that makes in stand out compared to other guitars.

The fact that this guitar has MIDI functionality makes it easier to build than a traditional instrument. Therefore, with the Jammy G you can have a more portable, light and easy to carry guitar.

You can plug the Jammy G into your PC via USB-C, or hooking up to your phone in a matter of seconds. When used in MIDI mode, it can sound like any instrument you want.

The MIDI capabilities of the Jammy G will allow you to create a multi-instrumental track with only guitar playing skills.

This super-portable guitar doesn’t take up much space in your home, and also fits easily into your backpack. It features a 4400 mAh battery, which is enough for 6 hours of active playing.

Another advantage of the Jammy G is that you need a computer to try it. It is always tuned and ready to play, and has an onboard sound of acoustic, electric, or classical guitar. This simple feature allows you to immediately try out your ideas without the need to connect to a phone or computer. Just plug your headphones and play.

The Jammy G’s also has a built-in programmable accelerometer and push-knob. This combination can be used to control effects and filters, or switch instruments. Is up to you to control the features of this guitar.

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