6 Hot Guitar Techniques

You can become a much better player if you practice the basics.

Things like reading tabs, practicing scales, and learning chords are elements that will always be important in your development as a musician.

However, to become a great guitar players you also need to learn the tricks of the trade!

This video shows a few of the tricks that you need to master to improve your guitar skills.

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Learning From the Great

The video collects some great tips from 6 of the greater guitar players:

  • Jimmy Page,
  • Eddie Van Halen,
  • David Gilmour,
  • Eric Clapton,
  • Jimi Hendrix and
  • Slash

Learning these tricks will take you to another level.

Defining Your Personal Guitar Routine

If you want to learn more about creating your daily learning routine, I have prepared an  Easy Mastering Guitar Routine Secret Guide that you can use to improve your playing skills, following the learning method that I discuss above.

You can use this guide to practice all the skills you need to improve your guitar playing. This guide also includes exercises, and everything you need to become a better musician.

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