How to play an acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitars are the most accessible way to learn to play the guitar, since they require no external equipment to be used. While the electric guitar does not produce a loud enough sound by itself, with the acoustic guitar you can do your own party without any cables. Differences Between… Read More »How to play an acoustic guitar

6 Hot Tips to Play Guitar Fast

Among the many people that learn to play the guitar, both novices and veterans, one of the most coveted techniques is playing the guitar fast. While fast playing is not necessary in many guitar styles, people always become interested in this skill, as they see guitar players that are extremely… Read More »6 Hot Tips to Play Guitar Fast


How To Find Easy Guitar Lessons

A common reality is that players who are just beginning to learn the guitar sometimes find it hard to follow traditional music lessons. Many of these people stop playing the guitar just because they cannot find easy guitar lessons that will accelerate their progress as musicians. However, notice that there… Read More »How To Find Easy Guitar Lessons


Playing Guitar By Ear

Playing guitar by ear is the capacity that some musicians develop to learn an entire song without looking at scores, or even a guitar tab. It is not an innate capacity, but something that musicians have cultivated for a long time. Although it seems almost too complicated to play by… Read More »Playing Guitar By Ear


How to play lead guitar

Guitar playing is a great exercise and can be lots of fun for listeners as well as practitioners. Because it is a ways to express yourself more freely, playing lead guitar is also one of the most sought after skills by musicians worldwide. What is lead guitar? Lead guitar is… Read More »How to play lead guitar