Fender Acoustasonic: The Exotic Guitar That Sounds Good

Fender Acoustasonic is a guitar that has a different and exotic look and feel, but that can work very well for guitar players who need an acoustic sound with and electric feel.

In this article I’ll review the functionality of this innovative guitar.

First Impressions of the Fender acoustasonic

First, let’s talk about the looks of the Fender Acoustasonic.

The Acoustasonic has dimensions similar to an electric guitar: slim neck, body in the Stratocaster format. However, internally it is a different beast.

The secret of the Acoustasonic is that is has elements of electrical guitars and of acoustic guitars in the same package:

  • It has an electric pickup that produces sound similar to an electric guitar
  • It is also hollow, so it will produce acoustic sounds that are captured by the internal microphone.

The combination of these two systems gives the Fender Acoustasonic its exotic but very interesting sound.

Controlling the Sound

Another thing that you can do with this guitar is to control the level of acoustic versus electric sound. The control on the front of the guitar can be used to determine the combination of sounds you want.

You can select a pure acoustic sound to be sent to the amp. You can also select a pure electric sound, or a combination in between. There are five levels that you can select.

Acoustasonic Guitar Construction

This guitar will also not let you down when it comes to the quality of the materials used in its construction.

Fender will ship a guitar with some of the best woods available. The Koa model features a Telecaster body, with koa (a wood species from Hawaii) top and back.

The neck of the guitar is topped with a high quality ebony fretboard.

The Body

Fender uses a system called Stringed Instrument Resonance System (SIRS). This allows for a high quality sonic response that generates a lively and colorful sound, similar to what’s produced by acoustic guitars.

The system also features an acoustic engine, designed by Fender and Fishman, that allows the rich capture of acoustic sounds coming from this guitar. This system is responsible for the generation of a blend of acoustic and electric signals. In total, you’ll have 10 different combinations of body style and tone wood to play with.

The pickups work together and created a variety of sounds. This includes a Fender noiseless pickup (inspired by the Telecaster model) and an acoustic enhancer produced by Fishman.

Here are the details:

  • Top Wood: Type Koa
  • Body Wood: Korina
  • Back Wood: Korina
  • Fretboard Material:  Ebony
  • Guitar Pickup Configuration: Fender and Fishman
  • Number of Strings: 6

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