3 Guitar Secrets that Separate Great Players from the Pack

Guitar playing has evolved, and has become more complex as time goes by. But there are still many guitar secrets that hold some people back.

The main reason for this is that there is so much online material available for the instrument.

From tabs to standard sheet music, from instructional videos to youtube, you will find a plethora of material that you can use to master the instrument.

However, there are still guitar secrets that separate the great players from the rest of the pack. It is not just the access to information that counts anymore, but also skill, dedication, and the natural talent that makes a player shine when compared to others.

So, there are some qualities that can make you different or better than other guitar players. What are them? As you practice and become more fluent with the instrument, it is important to know what you might want to prioritize during your training.

1. Always be learning

Something that distinguishes the great players is that they are always learning. They feel that it is never enough to stay in their current situation and are never satisfied with the amount of knowledge they have. Even as an adult you still can learn many things about the guitar.

One of the guitar secrets is the great players have the inner desire to improve their guitar shops, and become a better player every day. You can improve a lot even if you study by yourself.

This can be done in many ways: learning new theory, practicing more certain skills, reading more music, play faster scales, etc.

What make the difference is to be always learning a different skill, with consistency.

2. Developing the ear is one of the guitar secrets

The most important instrument you have is your ear.  With it, you can do great music even without a physical instrument.  This is also one of the easiest ways to learn the guitar.

It is how you think about music that determines the quality of your music you produce. This is how you should approach the task of creating new music: with your head first.

Therefore, developing your ear is something that puts you ahead of many other guitar players. It must also be a daily task that makes you feel better and better about your musical ear.

3. Stay Focused

Great players never lose the focus on their current task.

If they want to improve left hand technique, or just creating a new riff, they will do it with great focus until the task is complete.

This is a characteristic that is always present in the great players, and that you can develop too. Always try to stay focused on your current task, make whatever you can to do a better job. This will be rewarded as you improve your skills and become a better guitar player. With time, you’ll be able to play the guitar fast and with precision.

The great thing about music is that If you put the effort in it, you will get results. Everyone that is nowadays a great guitar player had to put the effort and stay focused on their musical improvement.

Another secret is that you need to develop a study routine that will help you make the progress you desire.

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