20 Best Guitar Chords for Beginners

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In this article we present 20 best guitar chords for beginners. If you’re starting to learn the guitar, you should know and practice these chords.

How to Read Chord Charts

The charts are written with the highest string (E) on the right side, and the lowest string (E) on the left side. The black dots indicate where the fingers need to press.

The white dots indicate if a string will be left open. A cross indicates that the string should not be played.

A continuous bar represents a barre chord (learn more about these barre chords here).

The letters in the lower part of the diagram shows the name of the individual notes appearing in the chord.

A Guitar Chord

A Chord

Barre Chord A

A7 guitar chord

The A7 guitar chord is normally used as the 5th (dominant) chord in the D key. The most common position is the following:

A7 chord

Am guitar chord

The Am guitar chord is one of the most common and easy to play. The most common position is this:


You can also use this alternate barre chord:


Am7 guitar chord


Am7 Guitar Chord Secrets

B guitar chord

B chord

The B guitar chord

B7 guitar chord


B7 Guitar Chord


B flat guitar chord

The B flat guitar chord is most commonly played as a barre chord.

B flat

C#m guitar chord


Cm guitar chord


C guitar chord

You can use the barre chord:

C chord

Or you can use the traditional open chord:

C chord

D minor chord guitar

Dm chord

D7 guitar chord


Dm7 guitar chord


E7 guitar chord

E7 Chord

The E7 Guitar Chord

Em chord guitar


Fm chord guitar


Fm7 guitar chord


You can also use this position:


F# guitar chord


F#m guitar chord

F#m chord

The F#m Guitar Chord Analyzed

G chord guitar

G chord

G chord

G Chord on the Guitar

G/F chord guitar


G/F Guitar Chord

G7 guitar chord

G7 chord


Gm chord guitar

Gm chord

Learning More About Guitars

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