G/F Guitar Chord

G/F guitar chord: this is the G major guitar chord with bass in F. In this article we explore this chord and show how it can be used.

The G Chord

G chord

G chord

The G chord is composed of three note: G, B, and D. This is a triad of notes, which can be used in several scales as a major chord.

For example, the G major scale will have the G guitar chord in its first degree.

The C major scale will have the G chord in its fifth position (the dominant).

And the D major scale will have the G chord as its forth position.

On Minor Keys

You can also have this chord in minor keys.

In the E minor key, the G chord is the third degree.

And in the B minor key, the G chord is the 6th degree.

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Adding the F Base


To form the G/F chord, you need to add an F note at the bass. This means that you’re adding the 7th degree of the chord as a base note.

This chord appears frequently as a “passing chord”. That is, the bass note F is just a passing note leading to, for example, the E minor chord.

Because the G/F chord also contains a 7th degree, it can also work in situations where the 7th degree is implied, thus it can lead to a resolution in C.

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