Easy Intro to Major Chords

Major chords are easy to master. With this easy intro to major chords, you’ll learn how to use some of the best known major chords.

Defining Major Chords

There are two main types of chords: major and minor. These chords are defined by the intervals (notes) that enter into its composition.

The intervals used in most common chords are thirds. These interval can be minor thirds or major thirds.

A major chord is one that contains a major third, followed by a minor third. An example is the C major chord. It contains the following notes: C, E, G. Between C and E there is a major third (4 half steps: C#,D,D#,E). Between  E and G there is a minor third (3 half steps: F, F#, G).

You can build a major chord in any key. You can play these major chords easily in the guitar.

For example, here is the C major chord:

A minor chord is on in which the first third is minor, while the second third interval is major. For example, we have the Am chord, which has the notes A, C, and E. The first interval is minor (three steps: A#,B,C), while the second interval is a major third (four steps: C#,D,D#,E).

Here, for example, is the C minor chord, with notes C, Eb, and G:

Using Major Chord in a Sequence

Most popular music is created with well defined sequence of chords. One of the most common sequences of chords is the 1-4-5 sequence.

This sequence is important because it is one of the most basic, and it also has only major chords. This sequence can be used in any key.

For example, when used on the C major key, the 1-4-5 sequence is composed of the following chords:

  • C major
  • F major
  • G major

In the D major key, the same sequence is composed of the following chords:

  • D major
  • G major
  • A major

And this works for any key.

Learning Your First Major Chords

It is easy to play a major chord in the guitar. All major chords have simple shapes that you can practice.

The chords are the following:

A major

A major

D major

D major

E major

E major


To see how to play these chords, check this lesson demonstrating the major chords in the 1-4-5 sequence of A major.


To get the full lesson, click here.

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