Quick tips to play the classical guitar

The classical guitar is a simple instrument that is very easy to play for beginners and people wishing to learn some popular songs and improve their guitar skills, although it is also an instruments that allows one to play very complex music, including much of the classical repertoire.

Since the classical guitar needs no electric connections, it can be played anywhere, by anyone that is interested in learning music.

In general, the classical guitar is just like a standard electric guitar. The main difference between these guitars is the style of songs played in each one, and the methods and material of construction. Despite this, the classical guitar shares a lot of the elements with the electric guitar, including for example the way the strings are tuned, and the way chords are created.

Classical Guitar Construction

Classical guitars are built using a standard format that evolved during hundreds of years of experimentation. They have a shape that reminds a number eight, and the way it is constructed  guarantees that it sounds in a natural way, exploring the special features of the wood from which they are built.

These classical guitars are also build from specific types of wood, so that they usually have a sound that is similar. You can notice that using the same wood guarantees some form of quality assurance. These construction methods worked well for the great luthiers, even at a time when there was no industrial process for the creation of classical guitars and everything was done manually.

In fact, even today classical guitars are still built manually, although there are several differences on how they are processed, specially for the cheaper ones.

Learning the Classical Guitar

To play the classical guitar you need to learn the positions of notes in the guitar neck. These are the same positions as in the electric guitar. However, instruction books and teaching methods for that classical guitar put a lot of emphasis on playing individual notes.

music for classical guitar is frequently based on old styles where individual notes are used. This is a little different from rock and pop songs, where which matters most is the sequence of chords and riffs.

Teaching Material for Classical Guitar

You can find classical guitar instruction books in many music stores. They teach you how to play all notes in the guitar, and how to play simple songs using this material. It is important to remember that to achieve a good  level of musicality with this instrument, you need to practice each song thoroughly.

If you want to progress in the classical guitar, the next step is to learn guitar scales. There are many ways to achieve this, but usually you start with simple scales, such as for C major. The C major scale is a very important one because all notes are natural, that is, there are no flats or sharp notes (these are the white keys in the piano).

Learning the classical guitar can be a lot of fun. There are many songs that you can play with other friends, and the fact that you are learning how the music is written is also another advantage of using the classical guitar. Having this kind of knowledge also makes it much easier to learn more complicated songs in the future.