LTD KH-202 Kirk Hammett Electric Guitar

The Kirk Hammett guitar, LTD KH-202 is a new guitar based on the models used by Kirk Hammett, the famous guitarist of Metallica.

This fine guitar follows the design used by the great guitar player Kirk Hammett.  It has everything you would expect to get a great sound and exciting performance.

In this article we’ll see the main features of this guitar.

Features of the Kirk Hammett Guitar

This exquisite guitar was designed under the  HPWFNAS brand.

It uses some of the best materials available for guitar construction.
The material used for the guitar top is maple wood.  The body is constructed from Rosewood.

The neck is built from maple. The material used on the fretboard is Rosewood.

This guitar also used a tremolo based on a bridge system. This system is called Floyd Rose, as we’ll see later.

This guitar offers to professional as well as beginner players and aficionados an affordable way to get Kirk Hammett’s tone. It come in an easy-to-use package.

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Kirk L. Hammett, Guitar Player

blankEvery fan of Metallica knows well their lead guitar player, one of the best guitarists of hard rock.

Kirk Lee Hammett was born on November 18, 1962. This exceptional musician has worked as lead guitarist for heavy metal band Metallica since 1983.

Kirk has also become a contributing songwriter at Metallica, sharing the credits of many world-famous songs.

His career, however, started before his time at Metallica. He formed, with a few friends, a band called  Exodus.

After many years of success, in 2003 Hammett was ranked as 11th best guitar player of all time, according to a pool by Rolling Stone magazine.

Kirk was also considered as the 15th great guitar player in the book “The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists”.

Additional Features of the Kirk Hammett Guitar

blankThis guitar has some features that makes it great to use. It has a basswood body with a maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard.

Comes equipped with a Floyd Rose Special bridge and locking nut, a feature that improves the quality of the sound. It gives this guitar the well known hard-rock tone.

This guitar offers a fast, extra thin U-shaped maple bolt-on neck 24 extra jumbo set of frets. It comes also with Kirk’s skull-and-bones inlays.

The pickups are another great features of this guitar. It is driven by specially designed ESP LH-301 pickups.

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Floyd Rose Bridge

blankThis particular type of bridge, as used in this guitar, is a special model called Floyd Rose.

The Floyd Rose Bridge has features that make it more efficient and fast for tremolo users.

Guitar solo players, especially from heavy metal, benefit from this type of bridge.

If offers a lot of sustain, and the ability to quickly apply the tremolo during solos.

blankThe Floyd Rose Special is the authentic version of a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo. This system is manufactured in Korea, exclusively for Floyd Rose.

This model keeps the same design and features of an Original Floyd Rose. It uses zinc alloy saddles in place of steel. Also, this model has a zinc alloy sustain block in place of brass.

From our observation, these are quality materials that can satisfy the requirements of professionals guitarists.

This bride comes in a variety of nut sizes, and can be installed in pretty much any electric guitar. It comes as a tremolo kit, include the following items:

  • The bridge,
  • A locking nut,
  • springs and claw,
  • The mounting studs,
  • All hardware used for installation.

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Learning More About Guitars

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