Fender CD-60S Acoustic Guitar Review

The Fender CD-60S Acoustic Guitar is a popular entry-level acoustic guitar that offers great sound, playability, and value for beginners and budget-conscious players.

The CD-60S features a dreadnought body shape, which is known for its balanced tone and versatility. The top is made of solid spruce, while the back and sides are constructed from mahogany or laminated mahogany, depending on the model. This combination of tonewoods produces a warm and rich sound with good projection.

Neck and Fingerboard

The CD-60S has a comfortable “Easy-to-Play” mahogany neck with a slim profile, making it easy for beginners to navigate the fretboard. The fingerboard is typically made of walnut or rosewood and features a standard 20-fret design with dot inlays. The neck and fingerboard combination ensures smooth playability and easy chord transitions.

The neck and fingerboard of a guitar play a crucial role in the overall playability and feel of the instrument.  The neck of the CD-60S is typically made of mahogany. Mahogany is a popular choice for guitar necks due to its strength, stability, and warm tonal characteristics. It offers a comfortable feel and durability, making it suitable for extended playing sessions.

The CD-60S features a slim and comfortable neck profile that is known as an “Easy-to-Play” design. This profile is particularly suitable for beginners or players with smaller hands, as it allows for easier chord transitions and fretting. The slim neck profile also contributes to the overall playability of the guitar.

The fingerboard of the CD-60S is typically made of walnut or rosewood. Rosewood is a commonly used material for fingerboards due to its smooth texture, durability, and rich tonal properties. Walnut is also a popular choice, offering similar characteristics to rosewood with a slightly different visual appearance.

The fingerboard of the CD-60S features a standard 20-fret design. This design allows players to access a wide range of notes and chords across the neck. The frets are typically well-dressed and polished to ensure smooth and comfortable playing.

The fingerboard of the CD-60S usually features dot inlays as position markers. These dot inlays are typically placed on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets, serving as visual reference points for players.

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Sound and Tone

Thanks to its solid spruce top, the CD-60S delivers a balanced tone with a clear and articulate sound.

The mahogany back and sides add warmth and depth to the overall tonal character.

This guitar produces a full-bodied sound that is suitable for various musical styles, including folk, pop, rock, and more.

Hardware and Electronics

blankThe hardware and electronics of the Fender CD-60S Acoustic Guitar contribute to its functionality, sound projection, and overall performance. The CD-60S is equipped with a standard acoustic guitar bridge, typically made of rosewood or walnut. The bridge serves as the anchor point for the strings and transfers their vibrations to the soundboard, enhancing the guitar’s resonance and projection.

The tuning machines, also known as tuning pegs or tuners, are responsible for adjusting the tension of the strings to achieve accurate pitch. The CD-60S usually comes with die-cast tuning machines, which offer smooth and precise tuning stability. These machines allow for easy string changes and help the guitar stay in tune for extended periods.

The nut and saddle on the CD-60S are typically made of synthetic materials such as plastic or bone. These components help maintain proper string spacing and height, ensuring good string action and intonation. The nut and saddle contribute to the guitar’s overall tone and sustain.

The CD-60S often features a pickguard, which is a protective plate placed on the guitar’s soundboard below the soundhole. The pickguard helps prevent scratches and pick marks, preserving the guitar’s appearance over time.

Some versions of the CD-60S may come with built-in electronics, such as a pickup and preamp system. These electronics allow you to amplify the guitar’s sound when connected to an amplifier or PA system. They often include tone and volume controls, as well as a built-in tuner, providing added versatility for live performances or recording.

The CD-60S comes equipped with a set of die-cast tuning machines that provide stable and accurate tuning. It features a traditional rosewood or walnut bridge, which helps to enhance the overall sustain and resonance of the guitar. Please note that the CD-60S is typically an acoustic-only guitar and does not include built-in electronics for amplification.

Value and Affordability: One of the standout features of the CD-60S is its affordability. It offers excellent value for the price, making it a popular choice for beginners and players on a budget. Despite its budget-friendly price point, the CD-60S maintains Fender’s reputation for quality craftsmanship and sound.

Finish Options

blankThe Fender CD-60S Acoustic Guitar offers a range of finish options, allowing players to choose a style that suits their preferences. The available finishes may vary depending on the specific model and edition. Here are some common finish options you may come across:

  1. Natural: The natural finish is a popular choice for acoustic guitars, showcasing the natural color and grain patterns of the wood. This finish often enhances the guitar’s aesthetic appeal, providing a classic and timeless look.
  2. Sunburst: Sunburst is a finish option that features a gradient of colors, typically starting with a lighter shade in the center and transitioning to a darker hue towards the edges. Sunburst finishes add a touch of vintage elegance and character to the guitar’s appearance.
  3. Black: The black finish offers a sleek and modern look, providing a clean and bold aesthetic. It’s a popular choice for players who prefer a more contemporary style.
  4. Mahogany or Spruce Top: Some CD-60S models may feature a specific wood top finish, such as mahogany or spruce. These finishes highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain and offer a unique visual appeal.
  5. Gloss or Satin Finish: The CD-60S may come in either a gloss or satin finish. A gloss finish provides a shiny and reflective surface, while a satin finish offers a smooth and matte appearance. The choice between the two finishes is often a matter of personal preference and desired aesthetic.