BOOMERANG III Phrase Sampler: Guitar Effects Looper Review

The BOOMERANG III Phrase Sampler is a powerful looping pedal designed for guitarists and musicians who want to create and perform loops in a live setting. It offers advanced looping capabilities, intuitive controls, and high-quality audio performance.

Looping Capabilities

The BOOMERANG III allows you to record, play, and overdub multiple layers of loops with ease. It provides unlimited overdubs, meaning you can continuously layer new parts on top of existing loops.  The pedal offers impressive looping capabilities that allow you to create, layer, and manipulate loops in real-time.

First, the pedal enables unlimited overdubs, which means you can continuously layer new parts on top of existing loops without any limitations. This gives you the freedom to build complex arrangements and add multiple instrument parts to your loops.

It also provides independent Loop Tracks: The BOOMERANG III provides three independent loop tracks, labeled A, B, and C. Each track has its own dedicated footswitch for recording, playback, and overdubbing. This allows you to create separate loops on each track and control them individually.

Instant Switching: The pedal allows for instant switching between loop tracks, making it easy to transition between different parts of your performance. This feature is useful for creating dynamic arrangements or switching between verse and chorus sections.

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More Useful Features

The auto-align Feature is also interesting: The BOOMERANG III has an intelligent Auto-Align feature that automatically synchronizes the loop tracks, ensuring that they stay perfectly in sync even if the loops have different lengths. This makes it easier to create complex layered arrangements and maintain a tight rhythm throughout your performance.

Each loop track has its own dedicated volume control, allowing you to adjust the volume of each loop independently. This gives you precise control over the balance between different parts and ensures that each loop is heard at the desired level. The pedal offers the option to play loops in reverse, adding a unique and creative element to your performances. This feature can create interesting textures, soundscapes, and special effects.

The BOOMERANG III allows you to set the tempo of your loops manually or sync them to an external MIDI clock. This ensures that your loops stay in perfect time with other musical elements, such as drum machines, sequencers, or backing tracks.

Finally, the pedal provides a generous maximum loop length of up to 35 minutes, giving you ample time to develop your musical ideas and create longer compositions. Additionally, the BOOMERANG III has internal storage that allows you to save and recall multiple loops, making it easy to access and perform with your pre-recorded ideas.

Looper Operation

blankOperating the BOOMERANG III Phrase Sampler is relatively straightforward, but it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the pedal’s controls and functions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to operate the pedal effectively:

  1. Power On: Ensure that the pedal is connected to a power source using an appropriate power supply. Once powered on, the pedal will be ready for operation.
  2. Loop Recording: To start recording a loop, select an empty track (A, B, or C) by pressing the corresponding footswitch. The LED above the selected track will light up to indicate that it’s ready for recording.
  3. Start Recording: Press the footswitch of the selected track once to start recording. Play your guitar or instrument to capture the desired musical phrase or loop. The LED will flash to indicate that recording is in progress.
  4. Overdubbing: To layer additional parts onto the recorded loop, press the same footswitch again while the loop is playing. You can continue overdubbing multiple times to add complexity and depth to your loops.
  5. Switching Between Tracks: If you want to switch to a different loop track during your performance, simply press the footswitch of the desired track. The pedal allows for instant switching between tracks, enabling seamless transitions between different parts of your arrangement.
  6. Stop Playback: To stop the loop playback, press the footswitch of the currently playing track. The LED will turn off, indicating that playback has stopped.
  7. Undo/Redo: The pedal offers an Undo/Redo function, allowing you to remove the last overdubbed layer or restore it if needed. Press and hold the footswitch of the currently playing track to activate the Undo/Redo function.
  8. Tempo Control: To set the tempo of your loops, use the Tempo knob located on the pedal. You can adjust the tempo manually by turning the knob or sync it to an external MIDI clock if desired.
  9. Reverse Playback: The BOOMERANG III offers the option to play loops in reverse. To activate the reverse playback mode, press and hold the footswitch of the currently playing track for a few seconds. The LED will indicate that the loop is playing in reverse.
  10. Saving and Recalling Loops: The pedal allows you to save and recall multiple loops for future use. Refer to the user manual for specific instructions on how to save and recall loops using the internal storage.

Loop Length and Storage

The BOOMERANG III offers an impressive maximum loop length of up to 35 minutes. This generous loop time enables you to create longer musical compositions or capture extended improvisations. The pedal also provides internal storage, allowing you to save and recall multiple loops for future use.

The pedal offers precise tempo and timing control, allowing you to synchronize your loops with external devices or keep them in perfect time. You can manually set the tempo or sync it to an external MIDI clock for accurate synchronization with other musical elements.

Connectivity and Flexibility

blankThe BOOMERANG III Phrase Sampler offers various connectivity options to integrate with other devices and expand its functionality. Here are the available connectivity features:

  • Instrument Input: The pedal features a standard 1/4″ instrument input jack, allowing you to connect your guitar or any other instrument directly to the pedal for sampling and looping.
  • Stereo Outputs: The BOOMERANG III provides two 1/4″ stereo output jacks, labeled as Output A and Output B. These outputs can be used to connect the pedal to an amplifier, mixer, audio interface, or any other device capable of receiving an audio signal. The stereo outputs allow for a spatially wide stereo sound when playing back loops.
  • Expression Pedal Input: The pedal includes an expression pedal input, which enables you to connect an external expression pedal for real-time control over various parameters. This can be used to control the volume, loop playback speed, or other assignable parameters depending on the configuration.
  • MIDI In/Out: The BOOMERANG III features MIDI input and output ports, allowing you to connect the pedal to other MIDI-compatible devices. This opens up possibilities for synchronizing the pedal with external MIDI clocks, controlling the pedal via MIDI commands, or sending MIDI data generated by the pedal to control other MIDI devices.
  • USB Connectivity: The pedal has a USB port that allows you to connect it to a computer. This USB connection can be used for various purposes, such as updating the pedal’s firmware, transferring loops to and from the pedal’s internal memory, or even using the pedal as a MIDI controller within compatible software applications.
  • External Footswitch Control: The BOOMERANG III supports the connection of external footswitches, providing additional control options. These footswitches can be used to trigger specific functions such as undo/redo, track selection, or other assignable actions, depending on the configuration.

The BOOMERANG III provides various connectivity options to integrate with your setup. It offers stereo inputs and outputs, MIDI input and output, and an expression pedal input for added flexibility in controlling parameters. These connectivity options enable you to interface with other MIDI-compatible devices, route the audio in stereo configurations, or control the pedal’s functions using an expression pedal.

Additional Features

The pedal has several Built-in Effects. The pedal includes built-in effects to enhance your loops and add sonic versatility to your performances. These effects can include filters, reverbs, delays, pitch modulation, and more. The precise effects available may vary depending on the specific model or firmware version of the BOOMERANG III.

Durability is another useful feature. The BOOMERANG III is built to withstand the rigors of live performance. It features a rugged metal enclosure that can endure the demands of the road and stage. The pedal is designed for reliability, ensuring that it can withstand repeated use and deliver consistent performance.

The BOOMERANG III Phrase Sampler is a reliable and feature-rich looping pedal that offers a wide range of creative possibilities for guitarists and musicians.