9 ways to learn guitar tabs

Playing guitar and practicing are an easy way to learn guitar tabs. A good guitarist needs to be able to read guitar tabs, as well as traditional music notation.

9 Ways to Quickly Learn Guitar Tabs

Here are nine ways to learn guitar tabs:

  1. Online Tablature Websites: Explore popular guitar tablature websites like Ultimate Guitar, Songsterr, or GuitarTabs to find a vast collection of tabs for various songs. These websites often provide interactive features, playback options, and user ratings to help you learn and play tabs effectively.
  2. Guitar Tab Books: Invest in guitar tablature books that focus on specific artists, genres, or skill levels. These books typically include accurate transcriptions of songs with tab notation, chord diagrams, and sometimes additional musical notation for reference.
  3. YouTube Tutorials: Search for guitar tutorial videos on YouTube that specifically focus on teaching songs using tabs. Many guitar instructors and musicians upload tutorial videos where they play through the tabs and explain the techniques involved.
  4. Guitar Tab Apps: Utilize guitar tab apps available for smartphones and tablets. These apps provide a portable and convenient way to access guitar tabs, offering features such as scrolling tabs, playback options, and adjustable tempo.
  5. Join Guitar Forums and Communities: Participate in online guitar forums or communities where guitarists share their knowledge and experiences. You can ask for tab recommendations, get assistance with specific tabs, or even request tabs from fellow guitarists.
  6. Take Online Guitar Lessons: Enroll in online guitar lessons that specifically cover playing guitar tabs. Many online guitar lesson platforms offer comprehensive courses that teach tab reading, interpretation, and techniques for effective tab-based learning.
  7. Transcribe Music Yourself: Practice transcribing music by ear and creating your own guitar tabs. This helps develop your ear training and improves your understanding of how different songs are played on the guitar. You can start with simpler songs and gradually work your way up to more complex pieces.
  8. Study Tab Notation: Familiarize yourself with the symbols and notation used in guitar tabs. Understand the significance of numbers representing frets, the horizontal lines representing strings, and other common symbols such as slides, bends, and hammer-ons/pull-offs.
  9. Practice Regularly: Consistency is key when learning guitar tabs. Dedicate regular practice sessions to work on playing tabs, improving your accuracy, speed, and overall proficiency. Gradually increase the difficulty level of the tabs you practice to challenge yourself and expand your skills.

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9 Ways to Use Guitar Tabs

Using guitar tabs is a straightforward process that involves following the numerical notation to play specific notes on the guitar. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use guitar tabs effectively:

  1. Understand the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the components of a guitar tab. Tabs consist of horizontal lines representing each string of the guitar, and numbers placed on the lines indicating the fret positions where you need to place your fingers.
  2. Determine the String and Tuning: Guitar tabs typically indicate the string being played at the beginning of the tab. It’s important to know the standard tuning of the guitar (EADGBE) or any alternative tuning if specified.
  3. Read the Tablature: Read the numbers on the lines from left to right. Each number represents the fret position on the corresponding string. For example, a “3” on the low E string (6th string) means you should play the note at the 3rd fret of that string.
  4. Play the Notes: Position your fingers on the frets indicated by the numbers and pluck or strum the string to produce the desired note. Follow the sequence of numbers in the tab to play the notes in the correct order.
  5. Pay Attention to Rhythm and Timing: Guitar tabs often include rhythm notation, such as slashes, dots, or other symbols, to indicate the duration and timing of the notes. This helps you understand the rhythm and timing of the song. Listen to the original recording or use a metronome to get the timing right.
  6. Use Your Ears: While tabs provide a visual guide, it’s essential to use your ears to ensure accuracy and musicality. Listen to the original song or reference recording to match the timing, dynamics, and nuances of the music. Use the tab as a starting point and adjust your playing as needed.
  7. Start Slow and Gradually Increase Speed: Begin by practicing at a slow tempo, focusing on accuracy and technique. As you become more comfortable with the tab, gradually increase the speed to match the original tempo of the song.
  8. Combine Tabs with Chord Diagrams: In some cases, guitar tabs are combined with chord diagrams to provide a more comprehensive representation of the song. This allows you to incorporate chords and strumming patterns along with the specific note melodies.
  9. Practice and Memorize: Repetition and practice are key to mastering guitar tabs. Start by practicing small sections or phrases of the song and gradually piece them together. With time and practice, you’ll become more proficient at reading and playing tabs.

9 Resources to Master Guitar Tabs

blankTo help your learning guitar tabs, here are some resources that will help you to master guitar tabs.

1. Guitar Control:
This guitar control course is a super package that specializes in presenting guitar control techniques. These techniques can be useful in many different styles, such as rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, fusion, and so many others. With the guitar control course, you will be presented with a well designed and interesting material that covers a lot of techniques that are essencial for guitar players in several styles.

2. Tab and Play – Online Guitar
Your First Online Guitar Solution. a web application made for learning, playing and recording your favorite guitar tabletures.

3. How to Read Guitar Tabs – Guitar – LoveToKnow
Guitar tabs are a sort of musical shorthand that enables enthusiasts to begin playing recognizable melodies immediately without the benefit of being able to read tabs.

4. Learn how to play guitar with Video Tabs Archive
You can learn to play guitar with free guitar lessons and free guitar tabs. With over 200 video songs lessons, Video-tabs.com is your #1 source for free video

5. Online Guitar Lessons
Guitar lessons online with 24 free sample guitar lessons. Learn how to play guitar . Foolproof beginner guide (watch). Learn to play guitar with electric guitar

6. Reading Guitar Tabs – How To Read Guitar Tabs
Guitar tablature (tab for short) is a system of notation that graphically. If you read the diagram you would play this on a guitar by putting your finger just in the locations specified.

7 Advancing Guitarist:
This guitar playing resource was designed to help you advance as a guitar player. This is done using a good set of practical exercises distributed in the form of video and tutorials. You can start as a beginner or a mid-level player, and use these easy and fun exercises to quickly become a master player.