6 Easiest Ways to Learn to Play the Guitar

Every year, so many people wish to learn to play the guitar easily. But unfortunately a lot of them stop because they don’t know the best strategies to improve their skills.

In this article I’ll present ten ways in which you can learn to play guitar quickly. Using these ideas and strategies, you’ll in little time become a proficient guitar player.

1. Learn Easy Chords

One of the main strategies to play guitar quickly is to learn common chords that can be used to play many songs.

A chord is nothing more than a set of notes from a guitar scale, played at the same time.

The most common chords are called triads, because they have tree notes. These are typically built from the major or minor scale.

For example, starting from C major, you have the C major chord, which contains C, E, and G.

You also have the D minor chord, also a triad, which contains notes D, F, and A.

You can continue building these chords on all other notes of the scale, include E, F, G, A, and B.

Another kind of chord are tetrads, which have four notes.

For example, the Em7, or E minor seventh chord, has four notes: E,G,B,D.

Similarly, the Am7 chord has notes A, C, E, and G.

The F#m chord has notes F#,A,C#,E.

These are very popular chords, that repeat themselves in lots of songs. By learning them, you can quickly master a large number of songs of easy and medium level.

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2. Learn Popular Rhythms

The next thing that you can do to speed up your learning process in the guitar is to study popular rhythms.

Most of the popular music is basic on basic rhythms. For example, Blues is entirely based on a certain rhythm, as well as Rock (with several variations). You also say the same about jazz.

By mastering popular rhythms, you will be much closer to play several songs that use that rhythm.

I recommend that you start from the rhythms that you enjoy the most. For example, if you’re latin American, you can learn salsa. If you’re into Blues, this is also an excellent choice.

But Rock is certainly one of the most common styles used on guitar playing.

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3. Get a Good Guitar Method

Another easy way to learn the guitar is using a guitar method. This has been a traditional option for people who like to see instructions in a book.

In the past, using published guitar methods was more popular, with most of the enthusiasts buying one or more high quality methods.

Nowadays, we have dozens of very good methods for guitar, which you can choose from.

Using a guitar methods can be an easy way to learn, if you like to follow instructions and dedicate time to practicing the method.

I made a review of some of the best methods for guitar learning, you can check it here.

4. Watch Guitar Videos to Learn to Play the Guitar

The internet has introduced a lot of new options for learning content. One of the most popular these days is watching videos.

You can get free or paid guitar videos. They both have their place in your learning strategy.

Free videos, in sites such as youtube, can help you get started and learn the basics.

However, most information in free sites is disorganized and it is difficult to evaluate your progress.

That’s why you can also buy online courses that you give you lessons in video format.

Using videos, nowadays, is one of the best ways to learn to play the instrument.

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5. Get Music Theory Lessons

While some people don’t like to spend time on music theory, the fact is that you can learn a lot about music by improving your music theory understanding. This is essential to learn to play the guitar.

If you get a few music theory lessons, you’ll start understanding why certain chords work together, how to easily build new chords, and how to find good sounding notes in any context. By knowing this, you can certainly become a much better guitar player than someone who has no idea about these theory tips.

The best way to learn theory is to get a course from someone who knows this topic well and has teaching experience. This is the secret to learn fast and use the results in your guitar playing.

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6. Use Jam Tracks to Learn to Play the Guitar

Still another useful tactic to improve your guitar playing skills is to use jam tracks.

With a jam track you will have the feeling of playing with along with a professional band. This is a great feeling, specially when you’re starting out.

There are several advantages of using this method:

  • Get experience playing with others.
  • Avoid stoping in the middle of the song.
  • Practice popular songs.

If you play along with jam tracks, you’ll feel that the quality of you sound will improve quickly.

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