Jamming over Rock Chords

Jamming over rock chords is a great exercise that you can use to improve your guitar skills. To achieve speed in your execution, it is always good to start from a slow tempo. Doing this, you help you in a few ways: First, you’ll learn how to play over with… Read More »Jamming over Rock Chords

Circle of Fifths for Guitar

The circle of fifths is a musical tool that has been used by musicians throughout time learn music relationships. You’ll learn here about the circle of fifths for guitar. Guitar players can use the circle of fifths to better understand music theory topics that would otherwise seem complicated. In this… Read More »Circle of Fifths for Guitar


Secrets of the CAGED System

If you play the guitar, you need to get used to the CAGED system of guitar soloing. It is the easiest way to play the guitar. Guitar players all over the world want to improve their solo skills. This is an important ability, because learning to solo will make you… Read More »Secrets of the CAGED System


Am7 Guitar Chord Secrets

The Am7 guitar chord is the symbol for A minor with flat 7th. We show how to use the Am7 in several contexts, to understand how to apply it to any key. First, it is important to notice that this is a four note chord, or tetrad, with is formed… Read More »Am7 Guitar Chord Secrets

Archtop Guitar

Guitar Aesthetic

The guitar aesthetic is the name given to a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement that uses the guitar. The guitar has, throughout its history, been associated to diverse ascetics and cultural movements. In the middle ages, it was already possible… Read More »Guitar Aesthetic