Guitar Tapping Technique

Guitar tapping, also known as two-handed tapping or touch-style, is a technique primarily used on the electric guitar, although it can be adapted to acoustic guitar and other stringed instruments. It involves using both hands to fret and tap the strings on the fretboard, producing notes and chords. Guitar Tapping… Read More »Guitar Tapping Technique


Guitar Bending Technique

Guitar bending technique is a fundamental technique that allows guitarists to alter the pitch of a note by gradually increasing the tension on a string. It’s a technique commonly used to add expression, emotion, and dynamics to melodies, solos, and improvisations. Bending notes on the guitar is a hallmark of… Read More »Guitar Bending Technique


Guitar Expressions Used by Guitarists

Guitar players often use a variety of guitar expressions and phrases both in conversation about playing the guitar and while actually playing. Here are some common ones: Shredding: Shredding refers to a guitar playing technique characterized by playing fast, complex, and highly technical solos or riffs. It’s often associated with… Read More »Guitar Expressions Used by Guitarists


Yamaha APX600 Guitar Review

The Yamaha APX600 is an acoustic-electric guitar produced by Yamaha Corporation, a renowned Japanese musical instrument manufacturer. It is part of Yamaha’s APX series, which is known for its slim body design, comfortable playability, and versatile sound suitable for various musical styles. APX600 Body The body of the Yamaha APX600… Read More »Yamaha APX600 Guitar Review


Ibanez RGT1270PB Guitar Review

Ibanez has long been revered for its innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in guitar construction. One standout model in their lineup, the Ibanez RGT1270PB, encapsulates these qualities. With its striking appearance and formidable performance capabilities, the Ibanez RGT1270PB a guitar worth considering… Read More »Ibanez RGT1270PB Guitar Review