Easy Intro to Major Chords

Major chords are easy to master. With this easy intro to major chords, you’ll learn how to use some of the best known major chords. Defining Major Chords There are two main types of chords: major and minor. These chords are defined by the intervals (notes) that enter into its composition.… Read More »Easy Intro to Major Chords

Boss Katana Amp Review

The BOSS Katana Amp 50 MkII is the latest model of the well-known Katana series of amps created by  BOSS’s, and one of the most successful products used by guitar players worldwide. The BOSS Katana can be used as a powerful tool in the hands of any electric or acoustic… Read More »Boss Katana Amp Review

Guitar Slide Techniques

Guitar slide  is a technique of guitar playing that revels a different side of the instrument. The melodic power of guitar slide makes it an important weapon in the guitar player arsenal. In this article you’ll see a number of techniques and strategies you can use to learn guitar slide.… Read More »Guitar Slide Techniques

Playing Blues Solos Like BB King

Playing Blues Solos Like BB King: in this article, we learn how to create blues solos in the style of that great blues player. Most people start soloing over a blues using the minor pentatonic scale over the entire progression. That scale gets us up and running quickly. But at… Read More »Playing Blues Solos Like BB King

G/F Chord on Guitar

G/F chord guitar: the G major chord with bass in F. In this article we explore this chord and show how it can be used. The G Chord The G chord is composed of three note: G, B, and D. This is a triad of notes, which can be used… Read More »G/F Chord on Guitar

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Guitar Aesthetic

The guitar aesthetic is the name given to a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement that uses the guitar. The guitar has, throughout its history, been associated to diverse ascetics and cultural movements. In the middle ages, it was already possible… Read More »Guitar Aesthetic