How To Learn Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is a great instrument with large repertoire. It is able to play both classical music as well as popular music. In this article we discuss how to learn classical guitar. The Anatomy of the Classical Guitar The first difference of the classical guitar is that it has… Read More »How To Learn Classical Guitar

Guitar Gift Guide Under $50

If you need to buy gifts for guitar players, here are some top-rated suggestions for guitar accessories and guitar gift guide, just in time for holidays. 1. Guitar A-Frame Folding Stand This stylish folding stand can be used with both acoustic or electric guitars. It is durable and easy to… Read More »Guitar Gift Guide Under $50


Jamming over Rock Chords

Jamming over rock chords is a great exercise that you can use to improve your guitar skills. To achieve speed in your execution, it is always good to start from a slow tempo. Doing this, you help you in a few ways: First, you’ll learn how to play over with… Read More »Jamming over Rock Chords


Circle of Fifths for Guitar

The circle of fifths is a musical tool that has been used by musicians throughout time learn music relationships. You’ll learn here about the circle of fifths for guitar. Guitar players can use the circle of fifths to better understand music theory topics that would otherwise seem complicated. In this… Read More »Circle of Fifths for Guitar