Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature JS1CR – A Guitarist’s Dream

The Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature JS1CR – Chrome Boy is more than just a guitar; it’s a collaboration with one of the world’s most acclaimed guitarists, Joe Satriani. Designed to meet the exacting standards of the legendary musician himself, the JS1CR represents the top of guitar craftsmanship and performance.

Craftsmanship and Design

The Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature JS1CR – Chrome Boy shows the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that have become synonymous with Ibanez. From its sleek chrome finish to its finely sculpted contours, every aspect of the JS1CR’s design reflects a commitment to quality and innovation.

The body of the JS1CR is crafted from alder, a tonewood known for its balanced tonal characteristics and excellent resonance. The chrome finish not only adds a distinctive visual flair but also enhances the guitar’s sustain and projection, allowing each note to ring out with clarity and definition.

The maple neck features Ibanez’s signature JS profile, which offers a comfortable and fast-playing feel that’s perfect for both rhythm and lead playing. The ebony fingerboard provides a smooth playing surface and adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic of the guitar.

Electronics and Versatility

At the heart of the JS1CR are its DiMarzio Satch Track and Mo’ Joe pickups, meticulously voiced to deliver the rich, dynamic tones that define Joe Satriani’s iconic sound. These pickups offer a wide range of tonal possibilities, from smooth and creamy leads to tight and articulate rhythms, making the JS1CR a versatile instrument that can excel in any musical genre.

The JS1CR features a simple yet effective control layout, with a single volume knob, tone knob, and 3-way pickup selector switch. This streamlined setup allows for intuitive tone shaping and easy access to a variety of sounds, making the JS1CR an ideal instrument for both stage and studio use.

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Performance and Playability

Beyond its stunning looks and versatile tone, the JS1CR is designed to offer unparalleled performance and playability. The Edge tremolo bridge provides smooth and precise whammy bar action, allowing for expressive pitch bends and dive bombs without sacrificing tuning stability.

The locking tuners ensure rock-solid tuning stability, so you can perform with confidence knowing that your guitar will stay in tune even during the most intense playing sessions. Whether you’re shredding through blistering solos or laying down thunderous rhythms, the JS1CR responds with precision and clarity, allowing you to unleash your full creative potential.

Getting More from this Guitar

At first glance, the JS1CR comes with its striking chrome finish, reminiscent of a sleek sports car gleaming under the spotlight. The chrome finish isn’t just for show; it enhances the guitar’s resonance and sustain, ensuring that every note rings out with clarity and power. It’s a visual statement that reflects the boldness and innovation of Satriani’s music.

But the JS1CR is more than just a flashy exterior. Beneath its chrome surface lies a meticulously crafted instrument designed to inspire and empower players of all skill levels. From its comfortable and fast-playing maple neck to its versatile pickup configuration, every aspect of the JS1CR is engineered for maximum performance and sonic flexibility.

One of the standout features of the JS1CR is its DiMarzio Satch Track and Mo’ Joe pickups, voiced to deliver the rich, dynamic tones that have become synonymous with Satriani’s signature sound. Whether you’re dialing in creamy, singing leads or tight, articulate rhythms, these pickups deliver the goods with clarity and definition.

But the JS1CR isn’t just for shredders. Its versatile HSH pickup configuration allows for a wide range of tones, from sparkling cleans to gritty blues to searing high-gain distortion. Whether you’re playing in a stadium or a smoky club, the JS1CR has the sonic versatility to handle any musical situation.

In addition to its tonal versatility, the JS1CR boasts a host of player-friendly features designed to enhance your playing experience. From its Edge tremolo bridge for smooth and precise whammy bar antics to its high-quality locking tuners for rock-solid tuning stability, every detail is carefully considered to ensure that the JS1CR stays in tune and plays like a dream.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the JS1CR is its playability. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, the JS1CR’s slim and comfortable neck profile makes it a joy to play for hours on end. Its smooth ebony fretboard and 24 jumbo frets ensure effortless playability and easy access to all 24 frets.

Pushing Boundaries with the JS1CR

blankBeyond its technical specifications and impressive aesthetics, the Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature JS1CR – Chrome Boy has a spirit of innovation and creativity that resonates with guitarists around the world. Satriani, known for his groundbreaking approach to the instrument and his fearless exploration of new sonic territories, has infused the JS1CR with the same adventurous spirit that has defined his illustrious career.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the JS1CR is its ability to inspire players to push their boundaries and explore new musical horizons. Whether you’re delving into the intricacies of Satriani’s iconic repertoire or forging your own path as a guitarist, the JS1CR serves as a catalyst for creativity and expression. Its responsive playability and versatile tonal palette encourage experimentation and innovation, empowering players to discover new sounds and techniques.

The JS1CR is not just a tool for replication; it’s a platform for innovation. Whether you’re crafting intricate solos, laying down thunderous rhythms, or experimenting with unconventional textures and effects, the JS1CR provides the perfect canvas for your sonic explorations. Its dynamic response and expressive range allow you to fully unleash your musical imagination and push the boundaries of what’s possible on the guitar.

Furthermore, the JS1CR’s ergonomic design and thoughtful features make it an ideal instrument for live performance and studio recording alike. Its lightweight yet durable construction ensures comfort and reliability on stage, while its impeccable intonation and consistent tone make it a favorite among recording engineers seeking pristine guitar tracks.

But perhaps the most compelling aspect of the JS1CR is its ability to forge a deep emotional connection between player and instrument. From the first time you pick it up, the JS1CR feels like an extension of your musical identity, responding to your touch with nuance and sensitivity. Whether you’re channeling Satriani’s searing passion or expressing your own innermost emotions, the JS1CR becomes a conduit for your musical voice.

Technical Specifications

Here are the technical specifications for the Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature JS1CR – Chrome Boy:


  • Body Material: Alder
  • Body Finish: Chrome


  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Neck Construction: Bolt-On
  • Neck Profile: JS 3pc Maple
  • Scale Length: 25.5″
  • Fingerboard Material: Ebony
  • Fingerboard Radius: 250mmR
  • Number of Frets: 24
  • Fret Size: Jumbo
  • Nut Material: Locking
  • Nut Width: 43mm


  • Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Satch Track (Humbucker)
  • Middle Pickup: DiMarzio Mo’ Joe (Humbucker)
  • Neck Pickup: DiMarzio Satch Track (Humbucker)
  • Controls: 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone, 3-Way Pickup Selector Switch


  • Bridge: Edge Tremolo
  • Tuning Machines: Gotoh Magnum Lock
  • Control Knobs: Chrome Dome


  • Strings: .009-.042
  • Case: Hardshell Case Included


In conclusion, the Ibanez Joe Satriani Signature JS1CR – Chrome Boy is more than just a guitar; it’s a masterpiece of design and engineering, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of today’s most discerning guitarists. With its stunning looks, versatile tone, and exceptional playability, the JS1CR is truly a guitarist’s dream come true. Whether you’re channeling the spirit of Satriani himself or forging your own path, the JS1CR is ready to take your playing to new heights.