3 Ways to Learn to Play Guitar Online

Technology has revolutionized all kinds of activities, from business to entertainment. So, it is not a surprise when we see that the Internet is also changing how to learn to play guitar online.

You will learn a few reasons why it is better than ever to learn to play guitar: with all the resources and communities, everything got easier and faster.

Initial Methods

The first thing I observe, along with my students, is that nowadays it is much easier to find study material for playing guitar over the Internet than it was just a few years ago. In the past, if you wanted to learn to play the guitar, you had to buy books or expensive teaching methods, that would provide you just a fraction of what you can get now for free!

And even then, there would still be the need to play with a real professional teacher, who would help you to learn how to play a particular guitar style. So, you would need to search for a teacher for rock guitar, jazz guitar, or even classical styles.

All these traditional ways to learn the instrument have changed with the introduction of several web-based technologies. Based on that, here are some examples of how the web has revolutionized guitar teaching.

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Using Youtube to learn to play guitar online

It is not a secret that nowadays you can find a youtube channel for pretty much anything. This couldn’t be different with guitar lessons.

In fact, nowadays many of the best guitar players and teachers are already creating videos on youtube to help their students. If you want to leanr from these videos, you just need to check some guitar youtube channels, and search for the particular guitar style you’re interested.

You can search, for example, for terms such as “blue grass guitar”, “classical guitar”, “rock guitar”, “blues guitar”… I can guarantee that you will find guitar lessons for pretty much any musical style. Youtube didn’t kill guitar schools, but it can offer a lot that you found only in a paid music school.

Websites dedicated to guitar playing

Another strategy that you can use is to search for websites dedicated to playing and teaching the guitar. With these websites, you have the opportunity to find more in-depth written content, which may be an advantage for some learners.

This web site, playguitarrewiew.net is an example of a web site providing lots of tips for guitar players, both beginners and experienced players alike. We are continuously adding content relevant to guitar learners, and you can subscribe to receive new tips every week.

Web-based practical study courses

blankStill another option you have is to use dedicated web-based courses to develop your playing abilities.

There is nowadays a growing number of practical courses that you can take to learn or improve your guitar playing skills. Such web-based courses give your a great foundation for learning, including text, video, audio, and sometimes interaction between students.

With the help of such web-based courses, playing guitar online becomes an easy process, because it uses the interactive elements of the web to your advantage. A good example of this is the rock guitar mastery package, a well-known course that has, for several years, helped a lot of people to learn the guitar.


In summary, learning to play the guitar online is nowadays the best way to acquire the musical skills you want. Short of having a real person to teach you, these resources will provide you with the best way to master the instrument.