5 Most Important Picking Techniques

Picking techniques are very important for the development of guitar players. If you play electric or acoustic guitar, these techniques will make the difference when you’re playing guitar songs. In this article, I’ll explain the best guitar picking techniques, and how you can achieve mastery of them. Let’s go. Why… Read More »5 Most Important Picking Techniques

5 Travel Guitars To Rock On

Traveling for a musician is such a big deal, because you need to transport the instrument and make sure it will not break on the way. Travel guitars were invented to help you with that. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic The Ultra-Light is probably the smallest, lightest, full-scale travel guitar on… Read More »5 Travel Guitars To Rock On

Succeeding in the Music Industry

So, you’ve already made your choice! You’ve done recording your album, and you guitar sounds fantastic! It deserves to be heard around the world, and you’re deserving of the praise that comes with creating such a masterpiece! Of course, you already know that becoming a celebrity won’t be easy. After… Read More »Succeeding in the Music Industry


Carbon Fiber Guitars

Carbon fiber guitars are a new option to the traditional wood instruments. New techniques and products have made these carbon fiber guitars a reality. What is a Carbon Fiber Guitar The traditional material used for guitar is wood. However, new techniques have made possible to create guitars purely from carbon… Read More »Carbon Fiber Guitars


Taylor GS Mini Guitar

If you like acoustic guitars, but think that some of the models are too big and not comfortable to play, then the Taylor GS Mini guitar must the best choice for you. Taylor figured out that some of the acoustic guitar models around were too bulky and big. The large… Read More »Taylor GS Mini Guitar