Top Tips to Play Guitar Chords

One of the easiest ways to start playing the guitar is to concentrate only on playing guitar chords. In fact, this is such a common method that most players, especially for popular styles such as rock, blues, and pop, only know how to play chords on the guitar. You can… Read More »Top Tips to Play Guitar Chords


Gretsch G5260T Electromatic Jet Guitar

 The Gretsch G5260T Electromatic Jet Baritone guitar is an iconic guitar that provides comfort and precise sounds to guitar players. The G5260T comes with a refreshed Bigsby, which captures the essential sound power and fidelity. This happens even at sub-sonic levels. The Jet Baritone model comes to shake the status quo, equipped… Read More »Gretsch G5260T Electromatic Jet Guitar


Guitar Playing  for Busy Adults

Many adults have the dream to be able to play the guitar well. If they’re just beginning, or if they’re trying to improve their skills after many years, it always possible to improve your current level of guitar playing for busy adults. First, we need to recognize that playing the… Read More »Guitar Playing  for Busy Adults

seagul Acoustic

Knowing the Parts of a Guitar

Buying a new guitar is great experience for music lovers. But it is important to have some basic knowledge of the instrument. In this article you’ll learn about the parts of a guitar. If its your first time buying a guitar, I think it is useful to know well the… Read More »Knowing the Parts of a Guitar