Flamma FX100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal

The Flamma FX100 is a model muti-effect pedal. Multi-effects pedals are devices that combine multiple guitar effects, such as distortion, reverb, and delay, into one unit. These pedals typically have a variety of preset and customizable effects, and allow guitarists to easily switch between different sounds during a performance. Many… Read More »Flamma FX100 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal

Ibanez RG450DX RG Electric Guitar

The Ibanez RG450DX RG Electric Guitar is a model of electric guitar produced by Ibanez. It is a part of the RG series of guitars, which guitar plays know for their slim, fast necks and double-cutaway bodies. The RG450DX model specifically is made with a basswood body and a bolt-on… Read More »Ibanez RG450DX RG Electric Guitar

Minor Scale on a Guitar

Playing minor scale on a guitar is a basic skill that you need to become a good guitar player. The minor scale is a common sequence of notes appearing on popular and classical music. The scale is defined typically using as example the A minor scale. If we start from… Read More »Minor Scale on a Guitar


Groove Looper X2 Guitar Pedal

Loopers and drum machines have changed the way you can practice your guitar. In this article I present the Groove Looper X2 guitar pedal, which has many features that will make your life easier. The Groove looper X2 is a combo pedal: it has the fatures of a nice looper… Read More »Groove Looper X2 Guitar Pedal


Flamma FS21 Drum Machine

A drum machine may be the best friend of a guitar player: you can practice, compose tunes, and improve your rhythm. All the this with the help of a simple drum machine. In this article you’ll see how the Flamma FS21 Drum Machine can help you. The Flamma FS21 is… Read More »Flamma FS21 Drum Machine


Succeeding in the Music Industry

So, you’ve already made your choice! You’ve done recording your album, and you guitar sounds fantastic. It deserves to be heard around the world, and you’re deserving of succeeding in the music industry. Of course, you already know that becoming a celebrity won’t be easy. After all, everyone claims that… Read More »Succeeding in the Music Industry


Top Tips to Play Guitar Chords

One of the easiest ways to start playing the guitar is to concentrate only on playing guitar chords. In fact, this is such a common method that most players, especially for popular styles such as rock, blues, and pop, only know how to play chords on the guitar. You can… Read More »Top Tips to Play Guitar Chords